The Great Interior Design Challenge

Does anyone watch The Great Interior Design Challenge? I’m guessing a few of you might :) I’m a day behind so I’ve only seen the first episode but I’m hooked already!

Image via The Guardian

I thought the four designers did a great job in the first episode. They managed to achieve so much in a short space of time – and under some pretty intense pressure!

Designing for someone else is a huge responsibility. It’s particularly difficult if you are given a brief that’s very different to your own style and taste. Personally, I would have really struggled with the clean lines, Japanese style brief as I just don’t seem capable of the minimalist look!

Without a doubt, the brief I would have enjoyed the most would have been the Scandi look. I absoultely love the Scandi style! Unfortunately my house doesn’t really lend itself to this so I haven’t been able to incorporate it into my own home, but the clients light and bright bedroom was the perfect setting for this pared-back style which embraces natural materials and muted tones.

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest
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Image via Pinterest

Unfortunately the judges didn’t think the designer got it quite right, and the room was a little on the bare side. This look can be tricky to get right – it’s all about finding the balance between keeping it simple while still adding enough so that it doesn’t look unfinished! Today, I’m sharing a few ideas on how you can do this…


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Texture is a great way to add interest, and is key to this look. Add rugs, cushions and throws in a mix of natural materials – sheepskin, jute and linen all work well with the Scandi style.

Use Different Tones

While the scandi look relies on a muted colour palette, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to white. Use a combination of greys and taupes to soften the look.

Mix up Materials

Use natural wood next to metal, concrete next to wicker, and don’t be afraid to combine rustic with modern or industrial pieces.

Create a Gallery Wall

I think the biggest mistake the designer made was taking down the beautiful gallery wall that the owner had created. Gallery walls are the perfect way to add interest to a blank wall. Keep frames simple and use large mounts with smaller images all in similar, neutral colours to keep the look clean.

Image via Pinterest


Image via Pinterest

Are you all as hooked on this show as I am? What did you think of the designers work? And what brief would you have enjoyed out of the four?

4 thoughts on “The Great Interior Design Challenge

  1. I love it too! Did you know this is the second series? There was a series on last year and a book out too. You’d probably love it. I hired it from my local library rather than buying it. Well done on launching your blog! I am still procrastinating after a year!

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    1. This is series three I think ! I didn’t know about the book though, I will definitely have to get that! Thank you so much lovely, you should go for it! It’s not as scary as you think once you get going! xx


  2. I love TGIDC !!! I literally jumped around the living room when I saw it on the iplayer last night. I would have loved to have seen a touch of colour added to the Scandi room – I think a hint of a nice, natural greens and some botanical influence in the accessories would have picked it up a little.

    I went to Sweden last August and I was expecting to see a lot of minimalist style but there were so many amazing colourful cafes and bars that I absolutely loved. This place was my favourite

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    1. Wow Claire that place looks amazing!! I am desperate to go to Sweden – just looks so cool!! Love the idea of adding botanicals into the Scandi look – would have picked it up perfectly! xx


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