Valentines Day


As soon as Christmas is over the retail world turns its attention to Valentines. A day which some love, others loathe and some just treat as any other day!

My husband and I have never gone crazy for it particularly, well other than the year we decided to get married of course! Now that it’s our anniversary as well, we feel like we kind of have to mark the occasion.

And in my mind, marking an occasion means putting up decorations! I’ll find any excuse to put up a few new bits, whether it be marking the start of Spring with a floral wreath or filling every spare surface with pumpkins at Halloween. You can be sure that if it counts as an occasion these days, I’ll have some decorations for it.

Crazy, I may be…but my guess is that once you’ve seen these cute Valentines themed goodies, I might not be the only one decorating this year!

Take a look at a few of the bits I’ve been eyeing up…

Love heart balloon from
Oven gloves from
Heart garland from
Daisy wreath from
Sweetheart picture from
Heart Chair –

Ok, so a garden chair might be a bit more than just a decoration… but I’ve been after this beauty for ages and Valentines day seems like the perfect excuse to finally treat myself! Can I pass it off as an anniversary pressie for the hubby do you think?!

What do you lovely people think of Valentines day – love it or hate it? Do any of you use it as an excuse to decorate – I can’t be the only one surely? If you do I would love to see, so please tag me in your pics on Instagram #valentinesoveratkates

2 thoughts on “Valentines Day

  1. Congratulations on your anniversary. Hope you have a lovely day. The hubby and I usually get the M&S dine in meal and snuggle up on the sofa for Valentine’s day. There is a beautiful wedding dress shop round the corner from my work and I keep meaning to take a picture of their Valentine’s display of red, paper hearts, which frames the dress in the window perfectly. It gives me the lovely romantic feeling every time I drive past.

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