Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall

A few of you have asked me to share a few tips on how to create a gallery wall so today, that is exactly what I am doing :)

I wish I could tell you to just to start banging nails into walls and hanging frames and it will all come together…but unfortunately, I haven’t found that to be the case. A good gallery wall takes a bit of planning.

First of all you need to decide on the type of gallery wall that you are aiming to create. There are a few different types, you have the structured gallery wall – like this…

Image via Pinterest

Then you have the organic shape. – this is the best type if you want to add to and evolve it over time.

Image via Pinterest

Then you have the mix of styles but in an organised shape…

Image via Pinterest

So where to start?

By selecting artwork of course! Whether you have a selection of artwork that you plan to pull together in a gallery wall, or you’re choosing new artwork specifically for it – it’s best to try and keep to a theme (even if very loosely!) It could be similar colours, styles of art or subject matter. The gallery in my lounge is made up mostly of old photos of the village we live in and vintage postcards of some of the places we’ve holidayed. They all mean something to me – so that’s my theme :)


I recommend choosing one or two larger pieces to use as anchor points which you can then build your gallery around, but don’t necessarily put them in the middle. The overall look will be far more interesting if the anchor is off centre.

Once you have your art it’s time to frame it. I love the look of mis-matched frames, but it’s best to stick to just a few sizes and repeat them throughout, so the overall look is balanced. If completely different frames look too messy for you, then pick either the same style of frame in different colours or different styles in the same colour, like I have in my hallway.


So we’ve got the artwork, we’ve got the frames – now it’s time to workout the layout! And this can be the tricky part.

The best thing I’ve found to do is to lay all the frames out on the floor and take lots of photos. It’s important to balance out sizes between left and right and top to bottom. Just keep moving frames around until you’re happy with the overall look – and then it’s time to start getting them on the wall! If you’re struggling, have a look for layout guides on Pinterest.

Another tip I found on Pinterest is to cut out sheets of paper to match your frame sizes and tape them onto the wall. This means you can get the spacing right before you start banging any nails in! Very sensible!

Image via Pinterest

All this talk of frames, but the most interesting gallery walls are made up of far more than that! Use frames alongside mirrors, clocks, letters, signs, antlers…just about anything you can mount to a wall really, for a unique and individual look. I’m always searching for things to add to my collection.


For a modern update on the gallery wall, run the frames behind the sofa, or place a plant or lamp in front of part of it. I plan to do add a few new prints which run behind my sofa in my living room as I love this look.

Image via Pinterest

Or create a gallery where you wouldn’t usually find one, like the downstairs loo for example, or run it around a corner.

So there we have it, a few tips on how to create the perfect gallery wall – I hope you found them useful. As always, I love to see your pics – share your gallery walls with me by tagging me on Instagram #gallerysoveratkates



8 thoughts on “Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall

  1. Thanks Kate, this was really helpful, I have chosen a theme and colour scheme for my gallery and I had thought about laying them out on the floor but not about taking photos of the layout and I love the idea of templates on the wall and mixing up objects Thanks for the advice, keep up the good work. @pauby1907 (Pauline)

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  2. Thanks for posting this Kate – it’s a timely reminder that I need to sort out the gallery wall I’ve been planning for my bedroom for over a year now. Definitely need to mark out with newspaper as I find it far too hard to visualise how it’s all going to look – great tip!

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  3. This has been so useful Kate – thanks! I’m currently trying to create the right gallery wall on my upstairs landing (which had been proving a little stressful)… Trying to find the perfect prints & frames that just ‘look right’! I’ve been struggling with how it will all look in the end as some of my current prints I have are all black framed but either cream or white mounts? Do you think this matters? Is it best to have all or nothing and the same colour mount or just ‘mix it up’? I’d love your thoughts? x


    1. Ah thank you Katy, I’m so glad you found it useful! Personally I think it would be best to use the same colour mounts (sorry if that’s not the answer you were looking for!) The trouble with using white and cream together is that it can make the cream look dirty. What colour wall is it going on? As a simple tip try using the cream mounts the other way around, quite often they are white on the reverse side! xx


      1. Thanks Kate! Its going on an olive green wall. So far I have black & white prints which are all black framed, along with 1 black framed coloured print of the seaside town we live in. I think i’ll try & stick to the white mounts!
        Keep up the blogs – loving them! x


      2. Ooh love the sound of the olive green wall! I’m loving that colour at the moment! Your gallery wall sounds beautiful – if you’re on Instagram I’d love to see a pic when you’re done! Thank you lovely, that means so much! xxx


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