I am just loving the botanical trend that’s everywhere at the moment! I wish, wish, wish I was brave enough to embrace the trend fully with floor to ceiling leafy wallpaper or a floral print sofa! But I’m sorry to say I’m not (even if I was, I think I’d struggle to persuade the hubby on this one!) But when I look at these gorgeous images I am seriously tempted…

Image from Pinterest

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Instead I have chosen to introduce the trend into my home with accessories. Changing cushion covers and replacing artwork is a great way to tap into a trend without breaking the bank, or meaning that you have to spend your weekend wallpapering.

H&M have done one of the best jobs I’ve seen of bringing this look to life. I love their fab printed cushion covers which start at only £6.99 (I think I’ve got one of each – but at those prices how can you resist!). They’ve styled their leafy greens with metallics and natural materials such as jute and seagrass – think baskets or rugs.

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House plants are obviously key to this trend. Ikea and Homebase are some of the best places I’ve found to pick up cheap plants. But if you’re anything like me, (a serial plant killer) you might want to look at other ways to create the botanical look…

Here are a few of the best pieces I’ve found.

  1. Leaf Print £28 –
  2. Palm print cushion cover £7.99 –
  3. Artificial palm leaf stem £7.95 –
  4. Leaf coasters £9.95 –
  5. Gold leaf napkin rings £29.95 for four –
  6. Faux cactus £50 –

Have any of you been brave enough to add wallpapers or fabrics in this trend, or are you opting for smaller items?

I would love to hear your thoughts and see your take on the trend so why not tag me in your Instagram pics #botanicalsoveratkates

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