My new crush

I have a new crush…washed linen bedding. Isn’t it pretty? Just makes me want to curl up with a good book and a giant cup of tea and never leave!

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

Anyone that knows me, knows I’m the type of person that obsesses over things. Once I have it in my mind that I want something, I have to have it right that minute!

And my latest thing is washed linen bedding. I bought some recently from Made but it’s not quite as “washed” as I’d hoped for, so I’m on the lookout/mission to find some more. Here are some of the best sets I’ve found so far…

1. Zara Home / 2. Bodie and Fou / 3. Cox and Cox / 4. Loaf

Don’t you just love it? Now I just have to decide on which colour… unless I can convince myself I need all four sets?! (This is the part where you all try and convince me :) )




4 thoughts on “My new crush

  1. I bought a linen duvet set in white from TK Maxx last week, they had a natural beige colour too! It was a bargain!! I’m yet to put it on the bed..I’m saving it for the house move which should be imminent !! :) x

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