The Home Office

I would love to be able to work from home, if not all the time, then at least 80% of the time please. Who’s with me?

I’m a real “home girl” and by that I mean that I am a girl who never gets bored of being at home, and not in the sense that the teens of today might mean!

Image via Pinterest

In reality, I very rarely get to work from home, almost never in fact, and therefore have no use for a home office. So why do I want one so badly?

I’ll explain…I have this little corner in my bedroom that so far isn’t really being used for anything in particular and I am desperate to transform it into a cute little desk area. With a wire grid memo board. And pink and gold themed stationery. You see – I’ve given it a lot of thought.

Image like these from Pinterest are to blame. Home offices seem to be everywhere at the moment and they just keep getting cuter and cuter!

If I can come up with just one reason why I need a home office, I will be rushing straight out (or logging straight on) to buy these lovely bits…

Go on, make me jealous – share your home office pics on Instagram by tagging #homeofficeoveratkates

6 thoughts on “The Home Office

  1. I’m blessed to work from home a lot. Only 2 mornings a week at the office. I totally get the ‘home girl’ thing. That’s so me! I have a little home office area but have to confess I tend to work from the comfort of my lounge! But I might take a pic just for you when the desk has been tidied ;) @just_dizzyb xx

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  2. But surely you *need* a home office area now you have a shiney new blog?!
    I agree though, I’d love a home office/craft room, I actually think it will be essential if I manage to give up work and just do my business full time. Totally essential, right?! X

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