DIY Memo Board

I love these wire grid memo boards that seem to be everywhere at the moment. They’re great for displaying all sorts of cute cards and other bits and pieces. I wanted one for my kitchen to store recipe cards and all the lovely (and I think hilarious) postcards that I can’t stop buying from Paperchase!

I decided it would be easy enough to have a go at making my own and as it turned out ok for once, I thought I would share how I did it with you all. I’m not sure I can really pass this off as a DIY tutorial as it really is very straightforward, but here I go anyway…

You’ll need:

  • Wire Mesh Panel
  • Wire cutters
  • Spray paint (or not)
  • 2 screws and a drill (and in my case either the hubby or my dad – I don’t trust myself with a drill!)

You can pick up wire mesh panels at most local DIY stores. I’ve found one from Homebase which is a bargainous £5.99. You may need to cut it to size with wire cutters and then simply coat it with two thin layers of spray paint, or keep it natural if you prefer that look! I chose to spray mine black with Rustoleum Matt Black.

Then you simply fit the screws in each of the top corners and voila! You’re done! And ready to start styling away. Here’s my finished version…


Here are a few lovely things I’ve found to style your board with.

Sounds easy, right? I’d love to see your pics if any of you have a go – tag me on Instagram  #memoboardoveratkates

7 thoughts on “DIY Memo Board

  1. Clever you! I am definitely having a go at this. Thank you. Really enjoying your blog and following you on IG. Sarah x


  2. Just about to order from Homebase now! Seen a few on pintrest and I love the idea. Quick question; did you cut a lot off yours? and was it easy to do/was it noticeable?
    Love how you’ve styled yours!
    Abbie x


  3. Hi I love this, just ordered my wire mesh from homebase, can’t wait to give this a go. I was just wondering how you fixed the screws…did you just drill them into the wall and hang the board off them?


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