Where to start…

Something I hear so often from friends and family is “I just don’t know what kind of look or styles I like.” I can definitely relate to this. Except for me it’s more that I like every sort of style! One minute I want the all-white, modern, minimalist look and the next I want the busy and colourful bohemian look – how do I choose?!

Whether you’re like me and find it hard to settle on a particular look because you love them all, or if you’re struggling to feel inspired – starting a re-decoration project and coming up with an initial scheme can seem daunting. Today I am sharing a few tips on how to get started and ensure you get the right look for you.

1. Don’t rush

The best advice in my opinion (and something I’m still working on!) is not to rush into it. I was determined to get cracking with decorating the very next day after we moved into our house, but I was persuaded to take my time and live with the space a while. This turned out to be the best advice anyone could have given me. Take some time to get to know how the light changes through different times of the day and even more importantly, work out how you plan to use the space so your ideas are practical.

2. Gather ideas

The first thing I always do is to gather ideas…and lots of them! Whether it’s on Instagram, Pinterest, magazines or wherever – I think one of the best ways to work out what looks you love is to collect images that inspire you. Once you have built up a nice collection you will start to see patterns emerging. Be it colours or styles – you will start to get an idea of the reoccurring themes, so build on these.

3. Try not to be too influenced by current trends

The biggest mistake I’ve made in the past is going full out on the latest trend. Trends come and go and introducing anything too ‘trend led’ on big, expensive items such as sofas or curtains could end up being a costly mistake. For items such as these that you would expect to keep for several years, it’s best to go for something timeless. That’s not to say that you have to stick to neutrals, if you love bold colours go for something bold – but just take the time to ask yourself whether you think you will still love it several years later…

Image via Pinterest

4. Build the look from accessories

You will always find a paint colour to match your accessories (and if you can’t you can always get one mixed up especially!) but it can be trickier to find matching accessories. I quite often build a look based on the colours of a particular item – whether that be a painting or a rug or anything you find that inspires you. For example, in my bedroom the whole scheme was built around this beautiful, colourful cushion that I fell in love with. I found a rug in co-ordinating colours and picked out one of the colours to use as an accent against white walls.

Image via Urban Outfitters

5. “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” [William Morris]

Ok, so I can’t quite take the credit for this one! But I couldn’t agree more with the wonderfully wise words of William Morris. If you’re anything like me you’ll be desperate to get a room finished, which can sometimes mean you rush into buying things. It’s far better to take your time and wait until you find the right pieces, that you’re going to love forever. That is by far the best way to ensure your home reflects your true style and personality.


How do you go about deciding on a new look – do you have any tips for me? As always, I love to hear your thoughts so please leave me a comment below.

6 thoughts on “Where to start…

  1. We are in a 7 year old townhouse. We’ve changed rooms about a few times due to having children and had to make the layout work for us. We’ve decorated all the rooms over a period of time and have left the hallway til last. We put new carpets down in November so now its time to paint the walls. We’re going for a darker blue hue. Bold I know, but I want it to make an impact. Not rushing on the decorative bits to add in but have a fair idea in my head of what I want. After the hallway, thats all the rooms finished but it comes back to the kitchen which is looking rather dated. Option is to put in new kitchen, knock through to playroom/family room (old dining room) or move! But youre right, you need to live in a space for a while before it becomes apparent what style, colour and look youre going to go for.


    1. I love the sound of a dark blue hallyway – what a dramatic entrance that would make! Sounds amazing! And I think go for knocking through your kitchen and playroom – I love an open plan space!! xxx


  2. I adore your style, you have a beautiful home! We moved into our 1930s semi 2 years ago and painted it in dreaded magnolia (our first house was a new build and I’m still learning to use colour). It’s taking a little while to convince my other half that we should start redecorating already, but when we do I’m going to be much bolder and there will definitely be no magnolia. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah thank you so much Katie, that’s so sweet! It takes a while to get used to using colour, I was exactly the same! Our first house was pretty much all off white! Once you’ve tried it though I am sure you will love it! :) xxx


  3. We have been very lucky and have travelled a lot over the years for holidays and work (well that was before I moved house 2 years ago and am now spending all of my money renovating it). This has meant that our style has been influenced by things we have bought on our travels, we tend to decorate in neutral tones and accessorise with our purchases, the added benefit is that each item triggers memories of places we have been. I am loving all of the inspiration you find on IG and Pinterest and blogs such as yours, keep up the good work. Pauline


    1. Your home sounds lovely Pauline, how fab to have built up a collection of personal things collected on your travels – I’m very jealous! Thank you for your lovely comment too :) xxx


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