Shelf Styling


Shelf shuffling is one of my favourite hobbies (it counts as a hobby, right?) I can’t walk past a shelf without moving things around, I’m always fiddling.

I have a few rules that I try to stick to when styling my shelves (not that they keep me from rearranging them every 5 minutes) and I thought I would share them with you today.

 The rule of threes

I think shelves always look best when items are grouped into threes, so I try to group items together in a middle section and then either side of that. I wouldn’t necessarily do this on every shelf or it will look too organised, but I usually do it on the majority. If you are repeating items such as several candles or jars etc, for some reason I seem to think these look better when you use three together.

Image via Pinterest
Add some height

It’s important to have objects of varying heights and sizes on your shelves. Use tall items such as frames or tall ornaments alongisde shorter items. Or simply stack books to raise the height of shorter objects.

Image via Pinterest
Repeat colours but don’t limit yourself

Your shelves will always look more co-ordinated if you repeat colours throughout, that’s not to say that you need to stick to a specific colours, just keep to a general colour palette.

Image via Pinterest
Layer up

Shelves look best when they have several layers to them. Stack, lean and overlap objects  – this will make the overall look far more interesting.

Image via Pinterest
Use boxes or baskets to hide unsightly items

Let’s face it, shelves are a practical storage solution, but practical things aren’t always pretty. I use baskets or boxes to keep items such as remote controls or coasters hidden away from sight, but still easily accesssible.

Image via Pinterst
Use items that mean something to you

The best way to make your shelves your own is to style them with things that are personal to you. Anyone that follows me on Instagram will probably have noticed that I love Russian dolls, and that almost every shelf in my house features a set of them. Show off things you collect, or pieces that you’ve had for years, this way they will be individual to you.


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