Las Vegas

IMG_5996.JPGA slightly different post from me today…I’m taking a break from my usual interiors related topics and thought I would share my Vegas trip with you all!

Vegas had never particularly been somewhere I had been desperate to go. I’m not into gambling at all, I just don’t think I’m very lucky when it comes to things like that…I don’t think I’ve ever won anything in my life. And as for pool parties, don’t get me started!! When I see pictures and videos of pool parties they fill me with dread! I could not imagine anything scarier than being surrounded by skinny minnies in skimpy bikinis and high heels!

That was basically my image of Vegas, which is why it had never been high on my list of places to visit! My hubby on the other hand has always wanted to go. I’m guessing the idea of girls in bikinis is a little more exciting to him :)

I booked the trip with a friend as a surprise for both our hubby’s 30th birthdays, although we didn’t manage to keep it a secret and ended up telling them a few months before – oops!

I did lots of research on hotels and eventually decided on The Venetian. All of the rooms in the hotel are suites and I think are good value for money when you see the size of them. The hotel itself is beautiful, so ornate and over the top. There is a canal running around the front and inside the hotel and you can enjoy a ride on a gondola, whilst being serenaded.


One of the things that had appealed about Vegas was taking a helicopter ride around the Grand Canyon. We booked it before we went through Viator for our first morning (we knew we’d be up early due to jet lag so thought we’d make the most of it!) I was quite nervous about going in a helicopter but I shouldn’t have been…once you’re up in the air there is so much to take in, that you don’t even think about it being scary. It was a real ‘once in a lifetime’ sort of experience – absolutely incredible! It’s quite pricey but I think totally worth doing!


There are so many restaurants in all the hotels that it is tricky to know which ones are worth trying. Everyone I spoke to seemed to have a different recommendation. The SW Steakhouse Restaurant in The Wynn cropped up a few times and so we decided to book it for our first evening. I’m so glad we did! The restaurant is set over a lake and a light show takes place every half an hour on the water. The show is one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen (it makes you feel like you’ve had a lot more to drink than you actually have) but hey – that’s Vegas! The whole experience is bizarre but without a doubt, always amazing!

Image via

Somehow (and I still don’t really know how) we managed to persuade the boys to see Britney while we were there! I didn’t particularly consider myself a Britney fan before, but I sure am now! She was fab, and put on such a good show. We had a blast, even the boys!

The days were mainly spent exploring the strip, you can easily fill your days just walking up and down popping into and exploring all the magnificent hotels. I couldn’t believe how HUGE the hotels are!! Everyone tried to tell me before we went but you really can’t comprehend it until you are there. They are enormous!


We took a trip to Freemont Street to experience downtown Las Vegas. This place could not be more different to the main strip but we loved it just as much! We had a great time wondering around listening to live music and drinking enormous frozen cocktails! There’s also a zip wire which runs pretty much the length of the street, I maintain I would have done this had I not been in a summer dress but the truth is I would have found another excuse, I’ve become such a wimp as I’ve got older! The whole street is lit up and must look fantastic at night, we only went during the day so if we were ever to go back, a trip there in the evening would be a must!

Neon Signs on Fremont Street
Image by © Robert Landau/CORBIS

While we were in downtown we visited another place that cropped up frequently in the recommendations – Heart Attack Grill (sounds appealing, right?) Have you ever watched Man Vs Food? This place was like something out of that. The burgers and hot dogs were HUMONGOUS, the largest one on the menu was made from 10 burgers, 40 rashers of bacon and a whopping 20,000 calories!! I’m a big eater but even for me that was ridiculous! And you better make sure you order wisely as the punishment for not eating your meal is a spanking from the waitresses who are all dressed as nurses! P.S. They are strict about the spanking!!

Image via

For our final evening we went to the Top of the World Restaurant at The Stratosphere. The hotel is off the main strip and so a taxi ride away. The food is amazing and the view from the restaurant across Vegas – even better! Having said that, I wasn’t that keen on the hotel and have a feeling you could find somewhere with equally great views closer to the main strip. I’ve heard the Eiffel Tower Restaurant in the Paris hotel is meant to be amazing! Another thing to add to the list for the next time we go! (There absolutely is going to be a next time!)

Image via

We were only there five days and the time absolutely flew by. There really is so much to do, and still so much that we didn’t get around to fitting in. Can you believe it we didn’t even get to see the Bellagio fountains! I really wished we had gone for longer, for everyone that tells you you will have had enough after five days – I say don’t listen! I think a week would have been better, that would have meant we could have enjoyed a day or two relaxing by the pool, which we didn’t manage either!

I’m sure you can tell how much I enjoyed it by the fact this is my longest post yet – oops! It really is such a fascinating place, I think everyone should visit at least once in their life!

What are your experiences of Vegas? Did you love it as much as me? What other things do I absolutely need to do next time?

4 thoughts on “Las Vegas

  1. My hubby has been to Vegas but it’s still on my to do list. There are some great tips of things to do in this post so I will have to drop a few hints. I had a helicopter ride over New York on my 30th birthday – it was amazing as we some sights we knew we not have time to cover, but we were in the middle of a snow storm so we had a few wobbly moments. I’m going to San Francisco in a few months and we were looking at helicopter trips there – one goes to a vineyard and picks you up a couple of hours later…


    1. Wow a helicopter ride over New York must have been amazing!! As does the one in San Fran – how incredible! You should do Vegas though, it’s amazing – I am sure you would love it! xxx


  2. We went to Las Vegas / NY for our honeymoon back in 2012 and have since been twice (for each of our 30th Birthdays) and going again in June. That place is addictive! But there’s just so much to do and see! We did the Grand Canyon helicopter landing which was amazing. And I’d definitely reccomend the “Fremont experience -zip wire” I was terrified, but it wasn’t actually that bad. If you go again, I would reccomend the Beatles love show. So far that’s the best we’ve seen.

    Great post and I love your Home/Interior ideas and design. :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah it really is addictive isn’t it Leanne! I can’t wait to go back!! There’s just so much to do! Perhaps I will be brave and try the zip wire next time – it looks scary! We wanted to do the Beatles show actually but just ran out of time! Definitely on the list to do when we go back! So jealous of you going again in June! Hope you have a great time!!
      And thank you so much lovely! xxx


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