The Dining Room Makeover





As soon as the kitchen was done, the race was on to get the dining room finished. Now that we had knocked the two rooms into one, the space was really light and bright and I was excited to get going!

In my post about wall art I mentioned how the look for the room started with a print – it was quirky and fun and that’s exactly what I wanted from this room. We love having friends and family over and so wanted to make this a sociable and fun entertaining space. Lots of seating was important from a practical point of view, but my main aim was to give this room some personality.

The next thing I set about buying was the drinks trolley – I’ve got my priorities sorted haven’t I?! Inspired by so many of beautiful images on Pinterest I felt this was just what this room needed. I opted for a gold, bamboo style from Oliver Bonas, similar to that on the left below. I’m yet to make mine look as pretty as that but I’m working on it!

With the perfect print and drinks trolley sorted, it was time to pick a colour for the room. I decided a dark grey / blue colour would work well with the both items, but also with with pale grey kitchen. Several tester pots later and I was set on Little Greene Juniper Ash. It’s a beautiful, warm colour that varies quite a bit depending on the light – which I love! Without a doubt, my most asked question on Instagram is about the colour of this room.

The search for a dining table took a while. I had already chosen my chairs – Eames style in a mix of colours. I bought two black and two light grey from Cult Furniture but the dark blue ones I found on eBay. They were a great match to the wall colour. The table hunt was proving tricky though, I loved the industrial look but just couldn’t seem to find anything quite right. Everything was either too big for the room or too pricey for my budget! After a lot of searching I came across a seller on Etsy – Retro Corner. Their furniture was exactly the sort of style I had been looking for, and they made to order so I could get the perfect table for the space. The table is quite possibly my favourite item in the whole house, I just love it. It’s unique and I think looks far more expensive than it was.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 14.52.03

With the table, chairs and drinks trolley in, the empty alcove was calling out for an armchair. At the moment I’ve gone for an Eames style rocking chair (Eames overload I know!) Ideally I would like a fabric chair, something colourful in jewel tones. I haven’t managed to find anything yet but the search continues…

Whilst doing research for this room, I became obsessed with factory-style industrial window mirrors. I’d seen a few online and knew I wouldn’t be able to rest until I had one sitting on top of my mantle! This also proved quite a lengthy search, turns out they are quite hard to source, and the few I managed to find were pricey. Eventually I got lucky and found a similar style on Achica.

I finished the room with two marble-look shelves (DIY tutorial on those to come) and some decorative bits to style them with. I particularly love the wooden calendar which you can get from Made In Design and the cute little Polar Bear from Habitat. Over time I added the jute rug in the corner which I had originally intended to use in the kitchen but it turned out to be a lot smaller than I was expecting!


So there you have it! From red to blue. What do you think of the room? As always, I love to hear from you all so please feel free to leave me a comment below :)

25 thoughts on “The Dining Room Makeover

  1. Ok so I feel like I’ve absolutely spammed you with messages today but I just had to let you know how much I love this room!
    This is the exact colour I want in the living room but worried that it will make the room look too small – but it’s just too gorgeous not to give it a go! What would your opinion be on painting the room this colour but leaving the chimney breast white? In fact I’ll tag you in a pic on Instagram so you can see what I mean…
    Think I’ve found my favourite blog :)
    Jenn @ Cordelia


    1. Thank you so much Jenn! You are just too lovely! I’m honoured that you would ask for my advice :) I say go for the dark colour, I wouldn’t worry about it making the room look small, I don’t think dark colours necessarily do that. But if you are worried then leaving the chimney breast white would be a good solution! xxx


  2. I have experienced this from both sides and as a seller was very excited to get 9 offers all at sealed bids! But then we had exactly the same experience ourselves buying our small unassuming Victorian semi! Even though it was on a main road and hadn’t been decorated for at least 30 years. It was so stressful as we had previously lost out on a sealed bids sale… But we got it and paid a bit over the odds. However, we decided a house is worth what you are willing to pay! We loved the original features and have now built a double storey extension on the back. So we know it will go for a lot more than we paid… Your house is beautiful! I am still in the middle of our renovation after a year… But my hubbies a builder and I love old houses – so that’s how it goes! Really enjoying your new blog Kate :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s great as a seller isn’t it! But then you forget all that when you have to go through the process as a buyer – it’s just so stressful!! I’m so glad you got your house and I couldn’t agree more with you when you say a house is worth what you are willing to pay! By the sounds of it you have transformed the place and made it your own, so I am sure you will get your money back! Hope all the renovations are going well and the end is in sight! Thank you for your lovely comment! xxx


  3. After mentioning my dining room decor mental block on Instagram I have finally got chance to read this post. I am keen on knocking off the plaster on the dining room fireplace in the autumn, but am feeling a bit too impatient about waiting that look to decorate fully so I might just paint the room and then touch up later. How did you find the coverage using Little Greene? I recently painted my living room in Pavillion Gray by F&B and although it is a true grey and has a lovely finish it took 4 to 5 coats to just cover cream walls and it has kind of put me off using it again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha you definitely sound like me Claire, too impatient to wait! I really recommend Little Greenes paints! I think they’re better than F&B I have to say. I thought it would take so many coats to cover the red in my dining room but it only took two! xx


  4. I am in love with this dining table, I spotted this at the weekend searching for industrial style dining tables!! Hopefully will be ordering very soon as long as we can decide on the wood for the top- what is yours out of interest?? I’ve just seen the sneak peek of your home tour on the rock my style feed and I thought I recognised the table! Gorgeous dining room, love the dark wall :)


  5. I’m having my kitchen done this week, and getting a new table and chairs. I love those chairs, but my husband isn’t convinced as he doesn’t think they’re comfy, have you found them to be okay?


    1. They’re comfier than I thought they would be definitely Gill – but obviously not quite as comfy as upholstered chairs. The only thing I would say is that they’re quite low so might be worth checking the height of your table xxx


  6. Hi Kate, I absolutely adore what you’ve done with this room! I’m thinking of ordering the dining table that you have so am wondering if you’re still happy with it now 1 year on? I noticed you said the eames chairs are a little low – would you recommend going for a lower option than you did or had you taken that into account already? (The Etsy store says the dimensions of yours is 160x90x 76height). I will be going for a 4-6 seater option as my room is smaller but will probably use a ratio of your dimensions :-)
    Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!


    1. Hi Katie, Thank you so much – so kind of you. I absolutely love the table! Definitely one of my favourite purchases in my whole house! My table is actually 175 x 75cm x 76cm height – I think it’s probably ok height wise – I’m only 5ft so I find the chairs a little short but everyone else seems to be ok! May be worth going a bit lower perhaps if you’re worried though xx


  7. Hi, I’m a newcomer to your blog and absolutely love your style. I notice that you bought some of your chairs from cult furniture and some from ebay. Were the ebay ones cheaper, and if so would you say there was a difference quality wise in them? There sems to be a big price difference for these chairs, depending on where you buy them from, so I was just wondering if the quality also varies?! Thanks in advance for your help!


    1. Hi Louise, the eBay ones were cheaper yes but they are also definitely lesser quality. I had to send them back a couple of times as the tops wouldn’t fit on! I recommend the cult furniture ones more, although I know they are pricier! xx


  8. Hi Kate,

    Absolutely stunning room! Love what you’ve done with it!

    Do you mind me asking where your flooring is from? We’re doing Reno atm and will have an open plan kitchen diner and need wooden floor that won’t clash with our oak worktop – yours looks perfect!


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