DIY Tutorial: Tissue Paper Garland


Today I’m going to be showing you how to a make a tissue paper garland. And not just any tissue paper garland…but an Easter one at that! (Which is just the same as any other garland but in pastel colours!)

What you’ll you:
  • Tissue paper in a variety of colours
  • Plastic twist ties (only if your using foil papers)
  • Scissors
  • A pen or pencil
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • String

Got all that? Great! Let’s get started…

Step one

Cut sheets of tissue paper to approx 40cm x 80cm. If you want shorter or longer tassels adjust the length, but I find 80cm to be about right.


Step two

Fold the tissue paper in half (so you have a 40 X 40cm square) and then mark a line by creasing a few inches from the fold. Then cut strips from the open ends approx 1cm in width up to the line. I usually cut two or three sheets at the same time, and have found it helps to clip them together to hold all the sheets in place.


Step Three

You just need one sheet per tassel so if you did cut several sheets together seperate them out, unfold each sheet and untangle the tassels.

Begin to roll from the bottom up. This is a bit tricky but once you get going it’s ok. Try to keep the roll as tight as you can and untangle the tassels as you go.


Step four

Once you have rolled all the way to the end fold the paper over a pen.

The next step will depend on whether you have used normal tissue paper or foil paper. For standard tissue, you can just twist the pen and it should stay in place. For foil, simply secure a twist tie around the fold.

Step five

Repeat for as many tassels as you want to make. Once you’re done, thread each tassel onto a piece of string and secure each one in place with a knot. Check the spacing as you’re doing it so they’re nice and evenly spaced.


And that my friends, is it! Nice and easy right? I would love to see your garlands so please do share your pics with me on Instagram. Happy crafting!



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