My Back Garden

BEFORE AND AFTERIMG_0306The back garden was definitely the compromise in this house. It’s small, very small. But having spent a summer in it I’ve grown to really love it. We didn’t have a garden in the cottage we lived in previously so any outside space, even as small as it is, was a bonus for us. We barbecued almost every evening through the summer last year and sat out late into the evenings on our comfy corner sofa drinking far too much sangria !

Since then though it has been a bit neglected and now is looking rather sad. I’m desperate for the weather to improve so I can get out there and make it look pretty again. I have a few things planned..

Firstly, I’d like to replace the fence with contemporary horizontal panels like these. I think it will make a huge difference to the look of the garden.

I’m also on the lookout for a planter with a trellis panel to block off the side alleyway from the rest of the garden. Most garden centres sell the standard wooden types but how beautiful is this vintage style one? Unfortunately this is from an Australian site (they just have the best things don’t they? First Kmart, now these stylish planters – it’s just not fair!) so I’m on the hunt to try and find something similar in the UK. Alternatively I may have a go at DIY-ing one – how hard can it be?!

Image via Pinterest

In attempt to make the garden seem bigger than it actually is, I’d also like to get a mirror for the back fence. That might sound like a strange idea but I think it can look really effective.


Last on the list is a fire pit. I dream about sitting out in the garden, wrapped up in a blanket toasting marshmallows on the fire. This one from Cox and Cox is just perfect.

Image via Pinterest

Do any of you have big plans for your gardens this year? I’d love to hear all about them so leave me a comment below.

4 thoughts on “My Back Garden

  1. Love your plans Kate! Our garden project has been ongoing since we moved in over two years ago but is getting quite interesting this year. We’ve just finished laying the patio and have a bit more hard landscaping to do but that didn’t stop me from ordering a tree for the garden last week – can’t wait for it to turn up. I find garden design quite daunting as it’s not that easy to change especially where trees and patios are concerned. Looking forward to your future garden posts.


    1. Thank you Kat! Wow you sound like you lots going on in yours! I’d love to see some pics if you’re on Instagram! Where did you order your tree from? I’m looking for some good websites to order trees and plants? I’m with you on garden design being daunting! I don’t know anything about gardening really so haven’t got a clue what I’m doing! xxx


      1. I’ve ordered my amelanchier from The website isn’t the prettiest but they have a huge choice. I would prefer to see the tree before buying but my local garden centers don’t stock any as tall as I’d like (I am impatient like that). It is due to arrive on Wednesday so I will let you know how it goes.


      2. Thank you lovely! I’ll check it out :) I’m exactly the same would rather see them but my garden centre doesn’t have much choice so may have to order online. I’d love to hear what you think of the tree when it arrives! xxx


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