DIY Tutorial: Tissue Paper Pom Pom


If you’re armed with lots of left over tissue paper from last weeks DIY tutorial, you will like today’s post…because today we’re making tissue paper pom poms!

Step one

Beginning by cutting squares of tissue paper – the size will depend on how big or small you want your pom poms to be, I made mine approx 25 x 25cm. The key to a nice fluffy pom pom is lots of layers. I usually use at least 8 to 10 sheets of paper for each one.


Step two

Fold the sheets of tissue paper in a concertina fold, making the folds approx 1cm each. Do this all the way to the end.

Step three

Tie a piece of string tight around the middle of the tissue paper. If you want to hang your pom poms leave one end long, if you don’t, cut both ends off.

Step four

You can change the look of your pom pom by cutting the ends into different shapes. I usually round mine off, but you could cut them into a triangle for spiky poms!


Step five

Gently begin unfolding the various layers, pulling each one out individually. Pull some from the top and some from underneath to create a nice round shape. And then repeat on the other side until all layers have been unfolded. IMG_6217IMG_6218.jpg


And voila! One beautiful pom pom! Now how easy was that?!

I love these little guys, can’t get enough of them. They look great hanging above a table, or placed on plates to dress your Easter table. I did this at our wedding, I made one for all 100 guests! And even after making that many, I’m still not bored of them :)


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