Dream Hallways

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I’m a sucker for a beautiful hallway. A spacious and character filled hallway was pretty high up on the ‘must have’ list when we were house hunting. Yes, I realise that makes no sense considering you spend almost zero time in the hall…but just look at these beautiful images and tell me that you don’t agree?

My hallway is far from impressive at the moment, but I’m hoping it has some potential! Pretty much the first thing I did once we had the keys was pull up the carpet in the hall in the hope that there would be a beautiful, original tiled hallway in pristine condition underneath!

Sadly, that was not the case, so I’m on the hunt for some Edwardian or Victorian style tiles to replace the hideous carpet we have currently. You can buy original tiles but they tend to be expensive so I’ve been looking for some Victorian-style tiles on the high-street. And I’ve found some – check out these from Topps Tiles and Walls and Floors.

I made a rash decision one weekend while my husband was away and decided to paint the hall, even though we had said we would leave it for a while longer. But armed with some leftover paint from the living room and a free weekend – I thought I would give it a go. I had visions of Chris coming back from a weekend away to it being completely transformed! In my head he would be so grateful that I had worked so hard that he would completely forget that we’d agreed we had other priorities…

Well, I completely underestimated how long painting a hallway takes! During what I think may have been the sixth weekend of painting, even I had to admit it wasn’t my best idea. But of course, I had to save face with my husband so if he asks – I loved every minute of it, ok? :)


You know me, I love a gallery wall and took the opportunity to create one using our wedding pics and a selection of vintage gold frames which I found on eBay – an absolute bargain, £30 for 15 large frames!

I had an old dressing table which I painted in the same grey as the lower half of the walls and added a window-style mirror. Eventually I would like a bench or perhaps a vintage telephone chair, but this will do for now.

It is certainly an improvement and although it took far longer than I ever imagined (thanks dad for coming to the rescue and helping us finish!) I am glad we did it. But really as long as we still have that ugly carpet, it’s never going to get even close to impressive. So my next challenge is to persuade the hubby that we need those beautiful tiles…like now, please!



4 thoughts on “Dream Hallways

  1. Hi Kate
    I have just spent the bank holiday weekend painting our hallway, its such a massive area and takes SO MUCH paint. I have gone for a very dark teal/grey color and managed to persuade the husband to be brave and paint all the walls in it – it certainly looks dramatic!
    We just have the glossing to do now (again loads to do) and then is the fun part of dressing the room- mirrors/pictures etc. We are lucky and have beautiful black and white original tiles in the hall but sadly had to rip out the carpet on the landing and stairs and cant afford to replace just yet so I don’t think it will look ‘finished’ for some time.
    I agree although you don’t spend much time in the hallway it is the first thing people see when they arrive so its worth all the effort. Your hallway looks fab!


    1. It’s such a big job isn’t it!! But yours sounds lovey – I’m so jealous of your tiles, I bet they look gorgeous! Love the sound of the bold colour! You’re right I guess it is the first thing people see so perhaps I’m not mad to love hallways after all :) xxx


  2. I have just left a comment about a hallway being on my must have list for my next house and then come across this post. My hubby thinks I’m mad that having a hallway is so important to me for the next house but it is the first part of the house people see and made to feel welcome – and it’s the perfect place for going over the top of Christmas decorations! I’m going to have a sulk over hallway envy now,


    1. Oh Claire we are two peas in a pod haha! You’re so right about the Christmas decorations – that’s the first thing I think about! I had serious hallway envy putting this together too – they are all so beautiful aren’t they! My hallway has a long way to go!! xxx


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