Bed Shopping

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen me moaning about the fact that although I’ve decorated my bedroom recently, I’m really not very happy with it.

I’ve now decided that a new bed is going to make all the difference! I’ve been bed hunting for the last couple of weeks and have found a few that I like but I really just can’t decide what style to go for in the room… and I’m hoping you lovely people can help me :)

I’m not sure how to describe the style of my bedroom so here are a few photos so you can decide for yourselves…please excuse the grotty carpet – this also needs to go!


As you can see my bed is a little sad at the moment. We’ve not actually had it that long but it’s just not to my taste anymore, I tried covering the headboard in fabric but it hasn’t saved it and the time has come to admit we need a new one!

I’ve fallen for this wooden frame style from Ikea (which is also a complete bargain!) I think it’s really different and unlike anything I’ve seen but I just can’t decide if it goes in my room? I love the scandi style with lots of natural wood but does my Edwardian fireplace mean I can’t pull this look off in my bedroom? How cute would it look with some sort of macrame woven hanging from the beam though!

From natural wood to contemporary brass – I also love this beauty from but again, I just can’t decide if it’s right for the room? This time being a bit too modern to tie in with the period features.

Image via

Period features in mind, I’ve ummed and ahhed over more traditional styles. Ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted a bed like this, but even if I eventually decide on this style, I still have to pick which colour to go for?


Lastly – and this is more my husbands choice – he prefers the look and comfort of a fabric headboard, so to keep him happy I could go for something like this from Loaf…Although I don’t think the price will make him happy. It’s beautiful but 5 times the price of the Ikea bed!!

Image via Loaf

Oh decisions, decisions! It’s not like me to be so indecisive I have to say but I’m really stuck on this. My favourite is the Ikea one (also very unlike me to prefer the cheapest option!) but I’m just not sure how it will look in the room…what do you think?

18 thoughts on “Bed Shopping

  1. I hate it when you can’t make a decision, my bedroom was my hardest room to do. My son has a similar bed to the made bed, but in white and its looks really nice in a period room, but beware you will need lots of cushions as sitting up in bed is uncomfortable without them, good luck


    1. It’s really not like me but for some reason I’m being so indecisive Hayley! That’s what my husband is worried about – it being uncomfortable! They do look nice though! xxx


  2. Morning Kate,
    I bought a Laura Ashley metal bed years ago I loved it at the time, but I have since read that apparently metal beds are not good for us to sleep on ( if you believe in all that fueng shui (sorry spelling ?) I quite like the IKEA one… and think it could work, the loaf one is pretty gorgeous but in a few years if you have a few little ones will you be able to keep it looking so scrumptious ? …. I have learnt buy what you love, good luck xx


    1. Oh really? I haven’t heard that, not really into fueng shui (no idea how to spell either!!) but knowing me now that I know that I won’t be able to sleep on one!! Yes very good advice to buy what you love, think I will keep looking…perhaps I can’t choose because I don’t love anything enough! xxx


  3. Love copper! I wouldn’t get too hung up on your fireplace dominating a certain feel. You can pair copper with pastels (ie your recent NOTHS purchases) if you dont want it feeling too contemporary. The Ikea bed is a great idea – you could create something so cool with string-lighting from the high bean! scandi is lovely and its a great base to add monochrome and metallics to mix it up? Have you looked at styles from Loaf that aren’t quite as traditional? Coco, Damsel or Frenchie. Just to add to your decision (can you tell I love a good bedroom chinwag!) had some friends love their beds from Please share some advice on carpet/flooring when you get to that stage – mine too is so grotty! xx


    1. Ooh lots more for me to look at thank you lovely! I just can’t decide between scandi or something more modern – I love both!! And of course I will keep you updated with the floor choices! 😘 xxx


  4. I had this exact problem a few weeks ago… I also toyed with getting one of those traditional beds but in the end settled on this one as I thought it would go well with our fireplace and also I think its important to have a well made comfy bed – I love the Ikea one though, so different and love the scandi style I think it would go really well in your bedroom xx


    1. Oh Tish I think you may have solved my problem!! I absolutely love this F&B bed!! AND it’s in the sale! Thank you so much for sharing, hope you don’t mind me copying you!! xxx


      1. No of course not, I always get inspo from you & your pics so it’s only fair haha… I am really pleased with it actually and such a bargain in the sale!! Goes lovely with period features too xx


    2. Am so glad other people like these style of beds when I bought mine a few years ago (also in sale) the woman who dealt with me said “it pays to like ugly things” meaning the bed, I was not amused!!
      So you have all cheered me up


  5. We have a wooden frame bed and I have no complaints with it but, as you will probably know, Victorian terraces are not blessed with many storage areas so I really want an ottoman bed. The hubby doesn’t like them but sometimes practicality needs to kick in. My bedroom has had the least decoration done to it, just a lick of cream paint, as I’m a light sleeper and need a calm space to be able to doze off, but I would love a very pale, chalky kind of colour on the walls.


    1. Yes they are so useful aren’t they with the built in storage, I could probably do with one of those too! Seems like a lot of people leaving their bedrooms as the last room to decorate ! xxx


  6. We had the same dilemma! We live in a lovely little Victorian house and decorating the bedroom was by far the hardest room! In the end we went for a very dark blue wall (we are lucky to have a very big room with 2 big windows), original floorboards which we did paint white and we went for the bed in copper and we love it! I had the same doubts as you about it being too modern but it goes perfectly well with the whole ‘old meets new’ look! Good luck with the bed hunt, I love your posts on Instagram, your house is just beautiful!


    1. Your room sounds lovely Laura! I’m so tempted to paint at least one wall dark, it’s the only room I haven’t gone dark in!! Think I’m leaning towards the copper now I’ve bought a few more copper accessories so pleased you say it goes!
      Thank you so much lovely!! xxx


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