DIY Neon Word Light


After making my cloud light last week I was armed with some left over copper wire and not liking anything to go to waste, especially craft materials, I started to think about what I could make with it.

I love those neon word lights and had been looking for one for above my drinks trolley for a while, but hadn’t been able to find one that was quite right, so it seemed like the perfect project!

Now before we get started, I feel like this post needs to come with a warning…this took me forever, it was messy and fiddly and I came very close to giving up…several times! So please only attempt if you have lots of patience, and a spare couple of hours !! Thought it was better to be honest :)

If you’ve decided to give it a go, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Wire (the thicker the better!)
  • Neon wire rope lights  – I used 3m and it was only just long enough so perhaps 4m might be better
  • Some strong super glue – I always use E6000
  • Plastic twist ties
  • (Ignore the bulldog clips – I thought these would keep it in place but quickly realised that twist ties were far better!)

I shaped the wire into my chosen word first of all but I think that just made it harder! So I would just start glueing the neon rope onto the wire and shape it into your word at the end.

Be generous with the glue and hold the wire and rope together for a few seconds before tightly securing a twist tie around them to keep it in place. I found it best to do small sections at a time, no longer than the twist tie.

Sounds simple doesn’t it, and I suppose it is – it’s just time consuming. Repeating this for the length of the word took me about an hour and a half!

Once you have glued the rope on the entire length of the wire and it’s all secured with twist ties leave for about half an hour to let the glue set.

Remove the twist ties and if you haven’t shaped into your word, do so now. It should shape quite easily but you might need to place something heavy on it to flatten it a little.


And voila – you’re done! If you do have a go I would love to see your pics – tag me on Instagram or Facebook :)






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