Rug Shopping

Rugs have to be one of my favourite things to buy for my home. To me a room doesn’t look finished until it has at least one rug in it. In my living room I went against the rule that says you shouldn’t place a rug over carpet, I love rugs so much I even hung one on my wall! Adding or replacing a rug is great way of giving your home a brand new look. They can also be used to zone areas within a room, if you have a large room or an awkward corner that you’re not sure how to style, consider adding a small rug – round rugs work particularly well in corners or alcoves.

Today I’m sharing what I think are the best places to buy beautiful rugs.

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Get your Garden Ready

gardenI’m sure it comes as no surprise to you that I’m excited about getting my garden styled up for the season! Last summer we were in the middle of kitchen/dining room/lounge renovations and so the garden didn’t get a look in. But this year, I have no other projects on the go – so the garden is going to get my full attention!

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My Bedroom Makeover – Take 3!

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’ve really struggled with my bedroom. When it came to decorating the other rooms in my house, I had very clear ideas of how I wanted them to look. I was decisive when it came to buying furniture and accessories and the rooms just came together – exactly how I had imagine!. But for some reason, I’ve found this room tricky…

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Why I’m sad about BHS

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who was very sad to hear the news of BHS filing for administration last week. While my husband explains to me that that doesn’t mean they will be disappearing from our high street any time soon, I can’t help but feel it won’t be long before they do.

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Pink Lady

I don’t consider myself to be a particuarly “pink” girl. I’m sure you can tell from the photos of my home that I tend to prefer dark, what some might even describe as more masculine shades, of blue and grey. But recently I have this obsession with all things pink!

We’ve been seeing bedrooms in dreamy shades of blush and grey for a while now, and I’m a big fan. But now I’m noticing pink popping up in other rooms in the house…like this fab pink velvet sofa, and how gorgeous is this pink kitchen with accents of gold – I’m in love!

And it no longer seems to limited to paler, blush shades – candy and neon pinks work just as well when paired with white which helps keep the look modern and fresh.

So whether your love of pink stops with blush, or if you’re a fan of neon, I think it’s time we all added a little pink into our lives (and homes!)

Here are my best pink picks:

1. Pink Eames style chair / 2. Pink vases  / 3. Flamingo Lamp  / 4. Pink scales  5. Pink Dinner Set