Why I’m sad about BHS

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who was very sad to hear the news of BHS filing for administration last week. While my husband explains to me that that doesn’t mean they will be disappearing from our high street any time soon, I can’t help but feel it won’t be long before they do.

Whenever you hear of a company failing, of course your first thought is for the employees that will be directly affected. It must be an incredibly worrying time for all their staff. I work for Marks and Spencer and there is always a bad atmosphere around Head Office when news like this breaks. I think it’s the sad realisation of just how unstable the retail industry is when a company that has been on our high streets for almost 90 years is facing closure.

I’m a big believer and supporter of “shopping small” – that is choosing small businesses over large corporations, and if I’m honest I would say at least 70% of what I buy now comes from small, independant, and mostly online, stores – so perhaps I’m a hypocrite for feeling sad when big companies do suffer. But I just can’t help but feel sad at this news. BHS is an icon of the British High Street. Wouldn’t it be a great shame  for our high streets to be free of any iconic brands that are steeped in history.

Although I was really too young to be worrying about such things, I can distincly remember be saddened at the news of my local Allders closing. It reminded me of trips there with my nan, or family days out when all we could think to do was go shopping. In the same way BHS reminds me of being dragged round at Christmas with my mum, stopping to re-fuel in their restaurant. The same can be said of Woolworths – which bought back memories of buying ladybird plimsolls and pick’n’mix!

I truly hope that BHS manage to survive this, and I can continue buying up all their lovely lamps (don’t they just have the best lighting?)! I vote we all rush out to buy something from them in the hope that it gives them they boost they need to secure some investors! :) Here are some of my favourite things to tempt you…

Floor Lamp £150 / Outdoor Sofa Set – Half Price at £749 / Canopy Bed Half Price at £359 /  Mirror £150 / Beaded Ceiling Shade £250

4 thoughts on “Why I’m sad about BHS

  1. It is a shame but I have noticed for a few years now that my local store does not reflect the products available on the website. I find this really odd as they have some lovely products but the majority is only available online.

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    1. Yes I know what you mean Claire, there’s lots of lovely things online but not as much when you go into store. Perhaps they will keep their website? xx


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