My Bedroom Makeover – Take 3!

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’ve really struggled with my bedroom. When it came to decorating the other rooms in my house, I had very clear ideas of how I wanted them to look. I was decisive when it came to buying furniture and accessories and the rooms just came together – exactly how I had imagine!. But for some reason, I’ve found this room tricky…

I think the main reason is that by the time we eventually got around to decorating it there was absolutely no money left in the pot! We couldn’t afford to replace any of the furniture which was a mis-match of styles that we bought with us from our old house. We had modern Ikea wardrobes – with bedside tables to match and a very masculine bed which my husband bought before we even lived together!

The only thing we had done to the room was fit the shutters when we first moved in, other than that – it hadn’t been touched. I wasn’t really pleased with how it looked when Style at Home came to visit – definitely not magazine worthy in my eyes, and with the prospect of Rock My Style coming to do a shoot very soon I decided now was the time to see what I could do with what we had!

Image from House to Home

Having  been quite bold with colour choosing dark, moody shades downstairs – I wanted something a bit girlier upstairs. With a new found love for all things pink, I decided the bedroom was the perfect place to create something a bit more feminine.

I chose to use the same white paint as we had used in our kitchen – Albany Vinyl Matt Brilliant White- mainly because I had a ton of it left over but also because it’s a really nice, soft white. After a couple of coats it was definitely looking fresher. I fell in love with an image on Pinterest of a pink door paired with white walls and so chose to paint the inside of our door with F&B Setting Plaster – another impulse decision that was done when I got home from work early one day – before Chris could get home and veto it!

The first thing I bought was a brightly coloured rug from Urban Outfitters – one of the best places to buy quirky rugs at really reasonable prices. In an attempt to cover the hideous black leather bed (!) I bought some pink fabric from eBay and covered the headboard, relying on my bed linen to cover the sides. The next task was the wardrobes. Just changing the handles made a big difference, making them look far less modern. I experimented with covering sections of them with ikat print wallpaper, using the other sections as a mood board to display the cuttings from magazines that I’ve collected over the years.

Image by Adam Crohill for Rock My Style
Image by Adam Crohill for Rock My Style

I kept them this way for about a month before deciding it was a little too busy and in the end chose to paint them with Little Greene’s Mono. I also decided to spray the handles gold to match in with other accessories in the room. This looked much softer and I was beginning to feel a bit happier…

Over the next week the Mono colour just continued to grow on me. It’s a soft grey during the day but in the evening looks more like a pale blue. I loved it so much that I chose to paint the opposite wall in it too. After just one coat I was already so pleased that I did it, just painting that small section made such a difference! All of a sudden the room felt far more inviting and relaxing.

I found the gorgeous copper clothes rail from Not on The High Street which was just the finishing touch that the room needed. It’s the perfect size to fit into the spare alcove that I had been struggling to decide what to do with. I toyed with adding a small desk area or dressing table but as I have no real need for a desk and tend to do my make up on the train on the way to work (!) I decided this wasn’t really necessary. I also searched for an armchair for a while but my husband reminded me that I would only use the chair as a dumping ground for rejected clothes…

Although the clothes rail is not particuarly practical in that I will only use it for clothes that co-ordinate with the look of the room (and pretty hanging plant pots!) – it was too pretty to resist!



After searching for a while for a lightshade for the room and struggling to find something I decided to attempt to make my own. I bought a very cheap plain shade from Ikea and some fabric paints in colours that matched the room and just set about painting!


Instead of having a bedside table, which there wasn’t really room for now that the bed was placed next to the built in cupboard, I chose this gorgeous shelf from Cox and Cox, and just this week I added this lovely wall vase from Tiger.


I’ve gone print crazy on my mantle, using this love ‘You & Me’ print from The Little House Shop  and the typography prints both from Not on The High Street. The vase matches the shelf, also from Cox and Cox and the beautiful marble clock was from House Envy.


I’m pleased to say that I think I am FINALLY happy with it now! Of course we will eventully get round to replacing the bed (once I can decide on a style) and wardrobes and of course the hideous carpet. I tried spilling paint and coffee on it in an attempt to force my husband into buying a new one, but it didn’t work and now I have new stains to put up with! So I don’t recommend this as a technique!

Have any of you found any rooms in your house particularly difficult? What was it that made the difference for you?



4 thoughts on “My Bedroom Makeover – Take 3!

  1. I’m struggling with my dining room and bedroom. I have partly put off doing them properly because there is a problem with the chimney that runs through them, but that’s another story. The dining room is very dark and links a traditional living room and modern kitchen so it feels a very in between space. I have decided later this year I am going to knock the plaster off the chimney breast and hope there is a nice fireplace space to make a feature, and paint the rest of the room in Teresa Green by F&B. I desperately need lighting inspiration for this room.

    The bedroom – where to start! It has been painted cream since we moved in and I have restrained myself from doing much because I’m such a light sleeper these days and I don’t want take the calm feeling out of the room. It does tend to get a bit dark due to it being a terraced house, but not overly dark. I am generally drawn to bluey/green colours and I don’t want to make the room feel cold. I want a slightly luxurious feel but fairly neutral at the same time. It doesn’t need to be especially feminine, just soft feeling. I am dreading starting work on this room!


    1. Ah it’s so hard when you have rooms you just can’t decide what to do with! I feel your pain Claire! If you need any help at all why not check out my online interior advice service :) xxx


  2. The room turned out fab you were right to take your time and get it just right .Also so glad you didn’t paint that gorgeous fireplace 💕

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