Rug Shopping

Rugs have to be one of my favourite things to buy for my home. To me a room doesn’t look finished until it has at least one rug in it. In my living room I went against the rule that says you shouldn’t place a rug over carpet, I love rugs so much I even hung one on my wall! Adding or replacing a rug is great way of giving your home a brand new look. They can also be used to zone areas within a room, if you have a large room or an awkward corner that you’re not sure how to style, consider adding a small rug – round rugs work particularly well in corners or alcoves.

Today I’m sharing what I think are the best places to buy beautiful rugs.

Edit 58

I have only discovered Edit 58 recently and am yet to buy one of their beautiful rugs (still deciding which one to go for – and saving hard!) They’re not cheap but they sure are unique and oh-so-beautiful! I think my favourite is this gorgeous Vintage Azilal rug which I think would be perfect for my bedroom!


Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters have some of the most reasonably priced rugs I’ve found on the High Street. Starting from just £15 they have a great selection and some really quirky styles. They are very flat weaves so I find they’re more about decoration that coziness or comfort but definitely worth a look!

They have also just recently added a ‘one-of-a-kind’ range. Now these are far more expensive, but I just couldn’t resist including them!


La Redoute

Another recent discovery to me is La Redoute, I only found out that they sold homeware a short while ago and since then it has become of my favourite places to shop! They have a great selection of really well priced rugs, some of which resemble far more expensive designer versions!


Yashar Bish

If Turkish or Afghan Rugs are what you’re after then you definitely need to check out Yashar Bish. They sell authentic and beautiful Turkish, Persian and Afghan Oriental Rugs and Carpets, as well as hand-woven flat weave Kilims.


Marks and Spencer

I happen to sit right by the Product Team in Head Office at M&S and so get the chance to see what they’re working on way in advance of the products hitting the stores, and let me tell you – there are some beauties coming soon! In fact I think they always seem to get rugs right, here are a few of my current faves.


5 thoughts on “Rug Shopping

  1. Kate, Help!
    As you have such a broad knowledge of different online retailers I was wondering if you could help me. I have been searching for months for a rug to put under my dining table but to no avail. The table is round and the room is quite square so I’m ruling out a rectangle rug straight away. I tried it with a rug from my bedroom and it just looked weird. So a square or ideally a round rug would work best I feel. I would love to have a Persian/Indian-esq style rug that is quite flat due to heavy footfall in that room, a thick rug could be a tripping hazard. I’m not completely dead-set on that kind of style but it does need to be flat and nothing too modern as that room is decorated in quite a vintage style.
    If you come across anything you think might fit the bill or if you have anything in mind already, I would love you forever and would of course give you a shout out on Instagram for your troubles.
    Please don’t go looking specifically as I’m sure your very busy with clients and your day job but would really appreciate any advice.
    Great blog as always. Keep up the good work.
    Many thanks, Darren xxx :)


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