Front Garden Dreaming

HouseMy latest obsession is with front gardens. I’m absolutely desperate to get to work on ours in an attempt to make it just that bit prettier. According to the husband, “making the front garden prettier” is fairly low on the priority list at this moment in time, but since when has that stopped me planning?! :)

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Antique Shopping

One of my favourite things to do is spend an afternoon strolling around an antique market. I absolutely love finding unique and individual bits and pieces with a fascinating story behind them!

Without a doubt, the best market I have visited is Sunbury Antiques Market at Kempton. I’ve only been once but oh my it is amazing!! Foolishly, the mother and I rocked up at about half 11, pretty much just as the market was coming to an end (first rule of antiquing is to get there early!) Despite our error, there was still so much left on offer! It’s absolutely huge, with stall after stall of goodies. Definitely worth a visit in my opinion.

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Image via Pinterest

I started noticing cow hides appearing on my Instagram feed a while back and at first I really wasn’t sure…but a few months on and I’ve realised that, of course – the people of Insta knew what they were doing! I am now obsessed and desperate to add an element of cow hide to my home.

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