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I started noticing cow hides appearing on my Instagram feed a while back and at first I really wasn’t sure…but a few months on and I’ve realised that, of course – the people of Insta knew what they were doing! I am now obsessed and desperate to add an element of cow hide to my home.


The most obvious choice obviously would be in the form of a rug. I’ve found a great website – City Cows which has a showroom in Fulham, as I’d really like to see the hides in person before choosing one. Problem is I’m not sure exactly where I’d put one of these beautiful rugs…

So instead I’m thinking of adding some cowhide in the form of furniture. Rockett St. George have some beautiful stools and benches covered in cowhide. The bench shown in the middle image below I think would be perfect for a hallway! (read: my hallway!)


But if you’re not quite feeling the cowhide love yet and rugs and furniture are a little too much of a statement, then how about these gorgeous smaller items, all from NotontheHighStreet. How cute are these cowhide coasters?! I have to have these in my life!


So what do we think? Are you sold, or need a little more persuading? If you’ve already got some cowhide in your life share your pics with me using the hashtag #cowhideoveratkates

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