Antique Shopping

One of my favourite things to do is spend an afternoon strolling around an antique market. I absolutely love finding unique and individual bits and pieces with a fascinating story behind them!

Without a doubt, the best market I have visited is Sunbury Antiques Market at Kempton. I’ve only been once but oh my it is amazing!! Foolishly, the mother and I rocked up at about half 11, pretty much just as the market was coming to an end (first rule of antiquing is to get there early!) Despite our error, there was still so much left on offer! It’s absolutely huge, with stall after stall of goodies. Definitely worth a visit in my opinion.

In my experience, I think it takes a while to get good at market shopping. I remember the very first time my friend and I went to a market, it was in Battersea and was only a small one and by no means as overwhelming as Sunbury. Nevertheless, we were only there for about 20 minutes and spent the entire time walking around nervously, too scared to get to close to anything for fear of having to barter with the stall owner!

Once you get a few under your belt of course, you realise it really isn’t that scary! You quickly get used to knowing when to barter and how much to push it.

But if market shopping isn’t your style (or you don’t have any in your area) there are plenty of amazing websites now that mean you can shop vintage from the comfort of your sofa. I have a new favourite which I thought I would share with you today.


This shop is fairly new to me but already I can tell it’s going to be bad for my bank balance! It’s run by the very lovely Sophie and her boyfriend, Nick. I think Sophie and I may be antique twins! I absolutely love every single item in her store, they are exactly the sort of thing I would be drawn to at a market – gilded mirrors and trays and antlers galore! Just look at these beauties!!

I bought this fab giant light bulb last week, and already I am feeling the need to go back for more!! I definitely need more antlers in my life, and one of the curiosity cabinets….oh and I absolutely need that first aid tin! I told you it was going to bad for the bank balance! Happy shopping everyone!



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