Front Garden Dreaming

HouseMy latest obsession is with front gardens. I’m absolutely desperate to get to work on ours in an attempt to make it just that bit prettier. According to the husband, “making the front garden prettier” is fairly low on the priority list at this moment in time, but since when has that stopped me planning?! :)

At the moment it is just boring, nothing wrong with it as such, but not much particularly right about it either. It’s just boring old patio. I’ve recently added a couple of planters either side of the poorch doors (since writing this unfortunatley I have already managed to kill off the beautiful ranunculus flowers). This has just served to prove that I was right in going faux for my window boxes. I’ve replanted my window boxes about 6 times in the last years before giving in and buying these artificial geraniums. I’m so pleased with them, I think they look great. Ok, they’re going to look a little odd when they’re in full bloom in November but for now, I love them!

When we viewed the house we were adamant we would make some changes to the porch, removing the doors and windows but keeping the structure. However, after living here a year I’ve grown quite attached to it – turns out porches are fairly useful. Especially with a dog who likes to try and escape at every opportunity she gets. I’m really torn on this to be honest, which is not like me at all. There’s no denying that it would look better without the door and windows but will we regret taking them out? What do you lovely lot think?

One thing we are absolutely sure on is that we want to remove the rather ugly patio and replace with a victorian style tiled pathway and stones either side, similar to the below image.

Image via Pinterest

I really love the look of a brick wall with railings at the top, but I can’t decide if the look is a bit too ‘grand’ for my house? The hubby thinks it is!

Image via Pinterest

Once the patio is gone and the stones are down I’m imagining an s-shaped border filled with hydrangeas which I just think look gorgeous in a front garden…and just about anywhere really!

I would also really love to replace our front door. I’ve found a great site that sells beautiful reclaimed and reproduction Edwardian and Victorian front doors. I genuinely feel like my life will be better if I have one of these front doors :) Aren’t they just amazing?

For now I’m going to have to make do with a very un-amazing front door and boring patio and keep planning the work in my head! What do you think of my plans? Is the wall with railings a bit over the top for my little house?!



8 thoughts on “Front Garden Dreaming

  1. Hi Kate,

    I feel your pain. After all, the front is the first thing people see when they visit and the first thing you see when you get home. Admittedly the railings and brickwork may be a little bit too grand but it would look fantastic and would be a real stand feature out on the street. I would love love love a Victorian tile pathway! I’m so not helping you here am I? Haha.
    As for your porch, I think you should keep it. Try to imagine life without it and see how you feel. I desperately want to change my front door but like your hubby, mine doesn’t see it high on the priority list.

    All the best.

    Darren x


    1. Hi Darren!! You’re so right, the front is very important! I think you’re spot on about the railings though, definitely a bit OTT aren’t they. Have a feeling it might annoy the neighbours haha! But the pathway is a must – I keep stopping to take photos of everyones paths, just can’t decide on which tiles to go for! The porch has me really torn, next door have theirs open and it looks so much nicer! But I agree that it is practical. Oh decisions, decision!! Hope you’re well :) xx


  2. No it’s defo not too grand!

    We’ve gone for an iron gate and a wall. Would have done the whole wall and railings thing on our Victorian terrace if we weren’t having to add a driveway (sadly losing our lovely front garden) due to nightmare on street parking.

    I think it will look great, esp if you go for the cool tiled pathway too.

    Go for it!!
    Helen X


  3. Hi Kate,
    I think removing the porch doors would look nice, especially if you want to get a new front door. You’d want the world to see it! But it depends if the practicalities of keeping it outweigh the appearance. Oh decisions!
    Personally I think the brick and iron wall in the pic is abit much and would look harsh on your pretty home. Maybe a less ‘new/modern’ looking style, or something different, something softer.
    I love the detailing around the porch. And those path tiles would be gorgeous :)
    Justine xx


    1. Thank you so much for your comment, I am finding this decision pretty tricky! Perhaps I’m overthinking it :) Everyone seems to be in agreement about the tiles though so that’s one decision made! Thanks lovely xxx


  4. I love your wall and railings. I’m quite a practical person and often think ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’. I think an traditional door but it’s definitely a hard choice as the porch is so practical – I know what it’s like to have an excited dog make a run for it!


    1. It’s a tricky one isnt’ it, I’m glad people are with me in finding it a tricky decision to make! And also glad I’m not the only one who’s dog likes to escape!! xxx


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