House Plans for 2017

Come January it will be two years since we moved into our little house. The first year that we were in we constantly had a project on the go. At one point we were simultaneously fitting a new kitchen and decorating both the living and dining rooms. There was no stopping us. Every spare minute we had was spent doing some sort of DIY job or other. By the end of the first year we had made good progress with the downstairs almost being complete (the loo didn’t manage to get a look in and the hallway carpet remained on the t0-do list until we could decide between tiles / carpet / runner etc) but all in all we had worked pretty hard!

The second year however, has not been quite as productive. All we seem to have managed this year is to decorate our bedroom, and even that just involved re-jigging some furniture,  a quick lick of paint and the addition of a clothes rail. We’re still “getting around” to doing the carpet and finding a new bed…


So what happened?! I had big plans for this year. I thought I would be relaxing in my new rolltop bath in my freshly decorated bathroom by now but instead I sit in my very un-inviting bath staring at the floor to ceiling blue tiles wondering how we got so lazy! And don’t even get me started on the hallway carpet. I resorted to what some-might-say was a rather drastic attempt at speeding this along by spilling a full tin of grey paint on it but even that didn’t work – I’ve walked past the humongous grey spillage several times a day, every day for over 6 months now and still we haven’t managed to get around to replacing it!

We just seem to have hit a bit of a brick wall and somehow need to find our motivation again.

As you will probably have seen we’re very excited to be welcoming a new addition to the family in March of next year, which means of course that we absolutely HAVE to decorate at least one room before then. I am hoping that knowing that we have to do this will spur us on to finish those jobs that we just haven’t managed to get around to. Just to add to the pressure I thought I would share my list of jobs in the hope that you lovely people can nag me if it looks like I’m not going to achieve at least half of these by the end of the year!

So here goes.

  1. The Nursery. This absoultey HAS to happen. If I haven’t at least ticked this off the list then I’ve failed completely.
  2. Mollys room. Yes my dog has a bedroom. No, it doesn’t have dog print wallpaper or doggy furniture. In all honesty, it’s just a spare room but Molly has claimed it as her own and now takes herself off to bed in the armchair in there. It hasn’t been decorated since we moved in and could do with just a simple freshen up.
  3. The Bathroom. I long for a bathroom that I actually want to spend time in, rather than one I cannot wait to get out of! It’s a very small room so we need to be clever with the space, but honestly anything would be better than how it is now. Did you not hear, floor to ceiling blue tiles?!
  4. The Hallway Carpet. Another thing that absolutely has to happen. It looks like it’s been down for about as long as I have been alive. Time for it to go, paint spillage and all.
  5. The Downstairs Loo. Probably not essential and therefore quite low down on the list but still I would like to change it up a bit. I fancy something quirky, not sure what exactly yet…
  6. A New Fence. Back in the summer I posted about how I was desperate to change my ugly fence. Well, of course I never got around to it despite actually having bought some new panels. These WILL be fitted come Spring time. I promise.
  7. The Front Garden. Again, probably not essential but my front garden is just a bit…bleurgh. It bores me, needs to be prettier.
  8. The Under Stairs Cupboard. This is probably a days work only, there is no excuse for why we haven’t gotten around to doing this in two years. The previous owners of our house very kindly (!!) left us about 40 tins of virtually empty paint, along with some textured flowery wallpaper which again looks as though it could be as old as me and actually wasn’t used anywhere in the house? Instead of clearing it all out to make way for me to build up my own collection of half used paint tins, I just piled things on top of it. Safe to say, now you can barely get in there. I also managed to break the light in there so that needs to be fixed too.

As we are going to be having a baby, I think I’ll be realistic and leave it at that for now. I could go on forever but let’s be honest, we’ll have other priorities next year! The list seems quite do-able don’t you think?! I hope to tick off at least half of these before next Christmas. Let’s see how I get on.

What’s on your to-do list for 2017? Has anyone else hit a brick wall with DIY jobs? Perhaps we can encourage each other to be more productive next year. As always, I love to hear from you so do leave me a comment below :)



4 thoughts on “House Plans for 2017

  1. I can totally relate to this! We bought ours 3 years ago, absolutely gutted it, then painted it all white and got to a point where we were so sick of doing it we stopped altogether. Loads of unfinished bits, holes in walls covered by pictures, crappy cheap blinds just for privacy, doors unpainted. Old crap furniture to get us by. It wasn’t until about may this year we decided to start again and start to make it more like a home and get it how we want it. So many jobs still to do but its transformed so much in the last few months. I now feel less frustrated with it ha ha. It’s such a slow process and of course it’s all extra cost, but it gets there. Of course white walls and diy dont really go so the whole house now needs repainting and we have decided to get a decorator in to do it….I have done 2 rooms and remembered how much I hate painting so we are currently saving for that! Have a lovely Christmas, all the best for little one! X


    1. So glad to hear it’s not just me! I don’t feel like I got to a stage where I was sick of it but maybe I did subconciously (or more like maybe the husband did!) I hope we start next year a little better and can get on with all those jobs that didn’t happen this year. Good idea on getting a decorator in though – may have to do that too! Hope you have a lovely Christmas too Sara :) xx


  2. I have found this too. We moved in June 2014 and went at everything intensely until last Christmas which invlvoed decorating 3 bedrooms, the dining room and the lounge, refitting the bathroom and the kitchen. Since we did most of the work ourselves we used all our holidays in our house (we once had to take emergency 3 days off to swap the bath!!) In 2016 all we’ve achieved is finishing the garden and tiling the front steps. But we decided that this would be the year of the holiday (6 achieved!) so instead we have been having fun and not spending all our money in wickes!! My husband is currently learning carpentry making alcove shelves whilst I just unhelpfully show him inspiration on Pinterest and he is desperate to finish it by Christmas. I think sometimes you need time out but I’m sure your nesting instinct will kick in and get you over the line / into your new bath tub!


    1. I think it must be the same for most people! You start out on a roll and then just lose some of your motivation, or perhaps just decide there are better ways to spend your free time like you say! It sounds like you’ve done absolutely loads though, you can’t have much more to do surely!
      Oh and definitely going to try and guilt trip my husband into learning carpentry – how handy would that be?! xx


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