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We’ve battled with the decision on whether to update the bathroom for the last two years. There’s nothing actually wrong with it, in that it’s less than 5 years old and everything works, in fact it was the most recently decorated room in the house when we moved in. But frustratingly, it’s just not to our taste…at all! However, we’ve found it hard to justify spending the money to re-do it simply because we don’t like it.

However, now that we have a little one on the way I can’t help but feel that it’s now or never. I can’t see us finding the time (or the money!) after the baby is born and so we’ve just decided to go for it! We are up against it time wise though! I am due at the end of March and really don’t fancy bringing home our new little bundle of joy while we’re in the middle of some major DIY work – so I’m really hoping we can get it done in good time before the bubba arrives.

It’s a very small room and try as I might I just can’t think of an easy way to gain a bit of space so it looks like I’m stuck with it being pokey for now. In an ideal world I would love a separate bath and shower but that’s not possible unfortunately. In fact in terms of layout everything needs to remain pretty much where it is, but I am keen to get a new suite and update with new tiles/colours. The real reason I hate it is that it’s just so…well, blue!


So you can imagine Chris’ surprise when I showed him my Pinterest boards which were full of images of blue bathrooms! But very different blues of course :)

I have always loved very dark bathrooms, to me they are so much more relaxing and cosy. The thought of lazing in the tub for hours in a super dark bathroom with a few candles just sounds perfect. So initially I thought I would tile the bath area and paint the rest of the walls in Hague Blue, however I’m now thinking that perhaps the room is just too small for this look (and also that my days of lazing in the tub will soon be well and truly behind me) so perhaps I should think a bit more practically!

Instead the plan is to tile all the walls with white metro tiles, paint the woodwork dark and add a striking tiled floor, inspired by these beautiful images from Pinterest.

I love the look of brass or gold fixtures but they are proving tricking to source, and I’m a bit wary of compromising on the quality of showers and taps etc just to achieve the look I’m after. So with my sensible hat on, I am thinking that I will play it safe and stick to chrome.

Then of course there’s the choice between a rolltop bath and a panelled one. I absolutely love rolltops, but the question is whether I can squeeze one into my tiny bathroom!

So basically I have a lot of decisions still to make, but hey that’s the fun part right? What do you think of my ideas so far? Are we mad to try and squeeze it in before March? (I think we might be!)




16 thoughts on “Bathroom Plans

  1. Your inspirations are the same as mine!! Love a tranquil space! I would say maybe a panelled bath- only that with a roll top with shower in it you’ll have to get a curtain (personally hate these). We have a little one and it’s easy to kneel by the bath to bathe her. Ours is a panelled bath and the screen is glass but you can pull it out of the way if needed. Other advise would be storage- we have loads of plastic sh*t that doesn’t put paid to a tranquil bath if you find the time!!! Good luck! X


    1. It’s funny the hubby and I just can’t agree on the shower curtain versus screen debate! I personally prefer the look of a curtain but he just doesn’t agree and thinks a screen is more practical! Storage is so important too you’re right, so often these beautiful images just don’t have any! It’s important to be practical too isn’t it! xxx


  2. Great ideas love the idea of white tiles and dark woodwork !
    We are in the process of planning ours but I’m afraid to take off the existing tiles for fear of what may be behind and the huge plaster job before tiling
    I have a small bathroom too and currently have a rather lovely corner bath 😬I’m thinking of a showering roll top best of both worlds ! Good luck with yours x


  3. We too have inherited a bathroom that had just been ‘done’ by the previous owners but isn’t at all to our taste. Fortunately it’s a decent size so eventually I hope to turn it into the bathroom of my Pinterest dreams but for now I just have to put up with its blah-ness because there are other decorating priorities. My biggest irritation with it is that similar to yours, it is tiled everywhere bar the ceiling which to me makes it feel claustrophobic. I love the idea of white metro tiles below and dark painted walls above as per your Pinterest pics, and definitely squeeze in the roll top too!


    1. It’s such a pain isn’t it! I almost wish it was falling apart and then it would be so much easier to justify spending the money to have it re-done! Will try my best to squeeze a roll top I think! xxx


  4. I’m planning a bathroom revamp too and am loving your inspo Kate – I think it’ll looking amazing in your space. Now is an ideal time to get your bathroom done. You have the perfect excuse to not lift a finger!


  5. We have a showering roll top! (Inherited from the previous owners) It works well, although we do still have to have a shower curtain as a screen wouldn’t fit. Our previous owners had a standard long shower rail from one wall to the other but we have just bought a circular one to fix to the ceiling which I am hoping will look a little better. Can’t wait to see your finished project! x


  6. I love the bottom left picture and could see that would fit your space really well. We ripped our bathroom back to brick and rafters, put in a smaller window, changed the layout and had to have electrical work done in order to have spot lights put in two years ago. The man who did the work was a part time fireman and even with him working part time for us it was completely done in just under three weeks – which wasn’t too bad for the amount of work. The first week when we only had a loo in there was difficult but it was worth it in the end. I think dark bathrooms always look luxurious. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!


    1. Wow that sounds like so much work in just three weeks! Hope ours can get done that quickly!! It’s horrible while it’s being done but like you say, so worth it in the end! xxx


  7. Hi – your plans looks great! You have a beautiful home. Could you share any details of where you are purchasing your bathroom and if you have found your own fitter or if you are using a high street type firm? We are looking to replace our bathroom.- number two due first week April so similar time constraints and we are Beckenham based. Currently struggling to find any local shops with anything we like and no one seems to have any availability. Many thanks!! X


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