My Bathroom Makeover

If you’ve been bored by my constant moaning on Instagram over the last few weeks then you’ll be pleased to hear that the bathroom is finally finished! Yay!






It actually hasn’t taken that long at all but when you’re without a shower and having to go downstairs to the toilet 3 or 4 times a night (it’s fun being pregnant!), 4 weeks can feel like a very long time. Getting it done in the first place was a bit of an impulse decision. The bathroom was not to our taste at all, but as I’ve talked about previously we found it hard to justify spending the money. Anyway, I’ve waffled on about that already – we decided we were going to go for it and that was that – before we knew it the house was covered in dust and the nursery project was put on hold while it housed all the builders tools and a complete bathroom suite!

We found a builder based on a friends recommendation and he gave us the option of starting straight away (and I’m talking within a few days!) or not until March (which is obviously not ideal as that’s when the baby is due!) so we went from coming around to the idea of getting it done to having to order a suite, floor and tiles etc ready for work to begin that very week. It was a bit of a panic I don’t mind telling you, I mean I hadn’t even started work on a mood board yet and all of a sudden I was being asked to make sure we had something ready for the builder to fit in a few days. I think a spent a complete weekend on various bathroom websites making lots of different mood boards until I finally  narrowed down what I wanted. Luckily we managed to order everything in time and work began. We had a few issues along the way as is so often the case in old houses but 4 weeks down the line and it’s done. And here it is!

Traditional Style



In keeping with the period of the house, I went for a traditional style suite. The basin took a bit of persuasion as the hubby was worried about having no storage but I managed to win him round. We ummed and ahhed over a high level traditional toilet but in the end opted for this smaller style as it left room for a cabinet above. I found the cabinet one of the hardest things to choose. I was adamant I didn’t want a modern/mirrored style so spent hours trawling eBay for an antique cupboard that we could paint. Eventually I found one, it’s a little on the small side but I’ve decided we are just going to have to be more strict with our toiletry collections (hubby – I’m talking to you here!).

We also found it tricky to decide on a shower screen or curtain but in the end once everything was in, we decided that a curtain suited the scheme better. I bought this one from H&M so that we could use the shower straight away but thinking that I would replace it eventually, but actually I’ve decided I really like it!

 Freestanding Bath

I was desperate to get a freestanding bath in there somehow and when one plumber that we asked to quote told me there was no way it was going to be possible in such a tiny room, I became even more determined – even if just to prove him that he was wrong! So Mr Plumber, if you’re reading (very much doubt that he is but you never know!) you were wrong ha! I found this fab shower bath which basically acts as half freestanding and half normal bath?? (Is there a name for the other kind??) It’s on the short side I won’t lie, perfect for me at 5ft nothing, not so much for Chris (or anyone over 5ft I would say!)

Patterned Tiles


I think I must have ordered about 10 different floor tile samples – I knew I wanted some sort of pattern but for some reason found making a decision really difficult. Originally I was going to go for a geometric print but in the end opted for something more traditional. I am so pleased with these Deco tiles, they were much more reasonable than some of the others I considered and I think are perfect for the room! Lots of people have been asking about me about grout too – and actually it can really change the look of tiles! We used Ardex Stormy Mist for the wall grout and Cast Iron for the floor.



Again, in keeping with the traditional style of the house I asked the builder to add a skirting board back into the room. For some reason, he thought that was mad and tried to talk me out of it on several occasions but I’m so glad I stuck with it. I think it really helps finish the look. I only wish I had added coving as well! The skirting and other woodwork is painted in Farrow and Ball’s Railings, I’ve been desperate to use this colour somewhere in the house and finally managed to get it in there somewhere!



I decided to add some rustic wood accents into the room just to soften the overall look. I found this great floating shelf on eBay and thanks to the power of the Instagram community, managed to get my hands on this fab vintage milking stool. I also treated myself to some lovely Meraki products which yes, I’ll admit – were bought for the gorgeous apothecary style packaging but actually are so lovely to use! Then I went a bit crazy in the garden centre with plants and cacti – I’m hoping as they are all less than 2ft from the bath I will actually remember to water them for a change!!


13 thoughts on “My Bathroom Makeover

  1. I am in love with your bathroom! Everything about it is gorgeous and so pinterestable. I love that it fits in with the style of the rest of your house too. If you ever did need more storage you could get a lovely basket to go under the sink? Can’t wait to see photos of the nursery!!


    1. Ah thank you so much lovely!! Yes actually I have one of those belly baskets on the way for a bit more storage! Hopefully the nursery will be ready in the next couple of weeks – I can’t wait now xxx


  2. This is so gorgeous! I particularly love the woodwork and coving painted in the dark colour. It really finishes it off perfectly. Where did you get the lovely milking stool from? I have a similar layout with the same bath and I have been looking for a stool to fit in the corner for ages! xxx


  3. Wow – what a transformation! If you ever have room for one of our Feature Tiles – let us know, we’d love your thoughts! Now back to thinking about our bathroom…’ve made us green with envy!


  4. Hi Kate, Love your bathroom! I wanted to know which shower head/fixtures you got? Did this come together or did you buy them separately? If you have the links that would be great. Also, do you have a separate mixer for the concealed shower head or use the taps? (I couldn’t see that part from the pictures). Thanks.


      1. Oh !!! Thank you I know I’ve been swooning over lots of lights I would love but keep getting told to have bathroom ones so going to have to relent I think
        Thank you


  5. I love, love, LOVE your bathroom. It suits the house so well too! Unfortunately an Edwardian bath doesn’t suit my 90s semi but I have a few questions (I am frantically planning my own bathroom reno):
    – Do the tiles feel really cold? I love hydraulic tiles but I am tempted to go for laminate just because I have heard that tiles are so cold to the touch.
    – Where’s the toilet roll holder from? I am looking for black accents for mine.
    – And the extractor fan? It’s almost invisible! Mine is so old and plasticky and noisy, ugh!
    Thanks and congrats on such a lovely job (the styling is top notch!)



    1. Thank you so much Alice! I was worried about it being cold but it seems ok actually, the tiles really aren’t too bad at all. As for the loo roll holder that’s by Ferm Living. The extractor fan was a cheap one from Victorian Plumbing – it’s quite noisy still but looks much nicer than our old one xxx


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