My New Soak&Sleep Bedding


Did you catch my a few weeks back with the lovely Sarah from Soak&Sleep – we were talking about how to update and refresh your bedding for Spring. Today, I’m back to share what products I went for and how I’ve been getting on with them all!


The Challenge

The beauty of Soak&Sleep (apart from having a beautiful product range) is that they are all about finding the right products to give you the best night’s sleep possible. And let’s face it, who doesn’t need a little help with that?!

When choosing duvets, pillows and bedding it’s important to consider what kind of “sleeper” you are. I was told that there are three things you need to consider, firstly whether you are a side / back / front sleeper? Secondly any allergies (as feather products aren’t great for asthma sufferers etc) and lastly whether you find that you are hot or cold when sleeping. Rather unhelpfully, the hubby and I appear to be complete opposites (other than on the allergy front)! I only ever sleep on my side, Chris on his back and I’m always hot whilst he’s always cold! A tricky customer you might say! But of course with Sarah’s help we were able to find products to keep us both happy, and here they are…



This wool duvet is just amazing! Apparently wool is a naturally temperature-regulating material and is able to adapt to two different body temperatures in the same bed! How fancy!! Chris and I are finally comfortable, no more arguing over how high the heating is or whether the window is open! It really has made such a difference for both of us, I can’t recommend it enough!


Sarah recommended this Memory foam cooling pillow for me, as it would give me great support as a side sleeper with added cooling bonus!

As for Chris, this Duck Feather & Down in Soft/Medium provides a lower profile which is perfect for a back sleeper.



Lastly, onto bedding. I’ll admit that I was drawn to this bedding because firstly, the colour range is just gorgeous…and secondly – it doesn’t need ironing! (I don’t even understand how to iron bedding, it’s so big – where do you start?!) However, it turns out that as well as being pretty and practical it is also gorgeously soft and because it’s 100% cotton, it’s breathable meaning you’ll have a fabulous sweat-free slumber!

I can honestly say that all of these lovely products have made such a difference to how both Chris and I have been sleeping – at a time when we really do need to make the most of every hour we can get! Neither of us can understand why we didn’t get around to replacing everything months if not years ago! If you’ve been thinking about treating yourself to some new bedding then don’t delay I say – you won’t regret it! I mean, look how happy Molly is?!




*These products were gifted to me by Soak&Sleep but the words and opinions are 100% my own 



2 thoughts on “My New Soak&Sleep Bedding

  1. I am a side/front sleeper…intrigued now as to what type of pillow I should actually have! And the bedding is gorgeous. No iron sounds terrific as I just don’t iron ours at all


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