My Bedroom Makeover – Take 3!

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’ve really struggled with my bedroom. When it came to decorating the other rooms in my house, I had very clear ideas of how I wanted them to look. I was decisive when it came to buying furniture and accessories and the rooms just came together – exactly how I had imagine!. But for some reason, I’ve found this room tricky…

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The Downstairs Loo…


The toilet is the last room to do before we’ve finished the downstairs in our house. It’s a tiny little space, but you know me by now…that doesn’t stop me having big plans for it! (Check out my Pinterest board here)

I think, and it seems to be a shared opinion, that the downstairs toilet is the perfect space to create something that might be a little braver than your usual style. A place to be a little adventurous! I know I want to do something different in this room, but I just can’t quite decide how far I want to push it…

My ideas range from bold but stylish, through to ecelectic and quirky and then onto the downright mad!  For some reason I want my loo to be a talking point. Don’t ask me why!

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Bed Shopping

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen me moaning about the fact that although I’ve decorated my bedroom recently, I’m really not very happy with it.

I’ve now decided that a new bed is going to make all the difference! I’ve been bed hunting for the last couple of weeks and have found a few that I like but I really just can’t decide what style to go for in the room… and I’m hoping you lovely people can help me :)

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What do you look for in a house?

Everyone has their own list of “must-haves’ when it comes to house hunting, and everyones list is different. I’ve found that people tend to fall into two different categories – emotional house hunters and practical house hunters.

Without question I am an emotional house hunter. I cried whilst looking round both of the two houses my husband and I went on to buy. I had made my mind up within about a minute of stepping foot in the front door. In fact, my husband will tell you with our first house it was before I had even stepped foot inside. We did a little drive by just before our viewing and I saw the current owner lighting a candle in the front window. It looked like the cosiest, most inviting house I had ever seen. And I wanted it to be mine from that moment.

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Dream Hallways

Image Via Pinterest

I’m a sucker for a beautiful hallway. A spacious and character filled hallway was pretty high up on the ‘must have’ list when we were house hunting. Yes, I realise that makes no sense considering you spend almost zero time in the hall…but just look at these beautiful images and tell me that you don’t agree?

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My Easter Home

Easter2I have absolutely loved seeing how many people have decorated their homes for Easter this year! This is my first Easter on Instagram, I only joined last Summer (I know, how behind the times was I?!) and I am just so pleased to see that I’m not the only one who fills their house with pretty pastels this time of year!

A few of you have asked me to share some pictures and details of where I bought my decorations from, so here goes…

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My Back Garden

BEFORE AND AFTERIMG_0306The back garden was definitely the compromise in this house. It’s small, very small. But having spent a summer in it I’ve grown to really love it. We didn’t have a garden in the cottage we lived in previously so any outside space, even as small as it is, was a bonus for us. We barbecued almost every evening through the summer last year and sat out late into the evenings on our comfy corner sofa drinking far too much sangria !

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Bedroom Wishlist

Our bedroom is coming along far too slowly for my liking! I promised myself I wouldn’t buy any housey bits this month as we’re off to Vegas in a couple of weeks (woo!) but it’s bugging me that this room hasn’t come together yet.

So today I thought I would share a few of the things I would be buying if I didn’t have my no shopping rule…

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