My New Soak&Sleep Bedding


Did you catch my a few weeks back with the lovely Sarah from Soak&Sleep – we were talking about how to update and refresh your bedding for Spring. Today, I’m back to share what products I went for and how I’ve been getting on with them all!


The Challenge

The beauty of Soak&Sleep (apart from having a beautiful product range) is that they are all about finding the right products to give you the best night’s sleep possible. And let’s face it, who doesn’t need a little help with that?!

When choosing duvets, pillows and bedding it’s important to consider what kind of “sleeper” you are. I was told that there are three things you need to consider, firstly whether you are a side / back / front sleeper? Secondly any allergies (as feather products aren’t great for asthma sufferers etc) and lastly whether you find that you are hot or cold when sleeping. Rather unhelpfully, the hubby and I appear to be complete opposites (other than on the allergy front)! I only ever sleep on my side, Chris on his back and I’m always hot whilst he’s always cold! A tricky customer you might say! But of course with Sarah’s help we were able to find products to keep us both happy, and here they are…



This wool duvet is just amazing! Apparently wool is a naturally temperature-regulating material and is able to adapt to two different body temperatures in the same bed! How fancy!! Chris and I are finally comfortable, no more arguing over how high the heating is or whether the window is open! It really has made such a difference for both of us, I can’t recommend it enough!


Sarah recommended this Memory foam cooling pillow for me, as it would give me great support as a side sleeper with added cooling bonus!

As for Chris, this Duck Feather & Down in Soft/Medium provides a lower profile which is perfect for a back sleeper.



Lastly, onto bedding. I’ll admit that I was drawn to this bedding because firstly, the colour range is just gorgeous…and secondly – it doesn’t need ironing! (I don’t even understand how to iron bedding, it’s so big – where do you start?!) However, it turns out that as well as being pretty and practical it is also gorgeously soft and because it’s 100% cotton, it’s breathable meaning you’ll have a fabulous sweat-free slumber!

I can honestly say that all of these lovely products have made such a difference to how both Chris and I have been sleeping – at a time when we really do need to make the most of every hour we can get! Neither of us can understand why we didn’t get around to replacing everything months if not years ago! If you’ve been thinking about treating yourself to some new bedding then don’t delay I say – you won’t regret it! I mean, look how happy Molly is?!




*These products were gifted to me by Soak&Sleep but the words and opinions are 100% my own 



Soak&Sleep: How To Refresh For Spring


As Spring approaches, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has started thinking about how they are going to refresh their home in preparation for the new season. For me, there could only be one place to start…with my bed of course!

I am one of those people that absolutely loves and needs their sleep (is there any other kind?!) – at least 8 hours a night if possible please. If I haven’t slept, you will know about it. Either because I will tell you, or because my zombie-fied, pale grey face will give me away!

With less than a month to go now before we welcome our new arrival, the panic that I might not be getting my 8 hours a night is starting to set in. So over the last few weeks I have been on a mission to find the perfect mattress, pillows, duvet and bedding to help give me the best chance possible of getting at least some sleep, even if it’s not quite 8 hours worth!

During my mission I called in the help of the very lovely Sarah Smith, Head of Buying at Soak&Sleep. If you’ve never heard of Soak&Sleep, then where have you been?! They offer everything you could possibly need to create the most sumptuous and relaxing bedroom and bathroom environments. Their website provides extensive expertise on all things sleep related as they aim to help you find the perfect products for your individual sleep needs – sounds good right?

Even better, is that today Sarah is going to share with us her top tips on how you can refresh and update your bedding for Spring. So enough of my waffling and over to Sarah…

interiors and still life images by kristy noble photography in London
Get the basics right 

We spend a huge portion of the day in our beds, so updating the basics each season in order to get the best night sleep in all weather is key – after all, you wouldn’t wear a thick, heavy coat in the summer so why would you sleep with the duvet equivalent in the warmer months? A great option is to opt for an all seasons duvet – this is made up of two separate duvets that can be fastened together for winter, or used separately for summer and spring / autumn. Made up of a 4.5 tog (for warm weather) and a slightly more snug 9.0 tog, it’s the perfect solution for year-round comfort.


Refresh your bed

There’s nothing like a spring clean to set you up for a new season. We advise that you wash your pillows and duvet at the start of each season (or at least every six months) to keep your bedding as fresh and bouncy as possible. All of our products come with easy to follow washing guides, but as a rule of thumb most pillows and duvets can simply be popped into the washing machine at 40 degrees or even better to get them professionally laundered. If opting for the at-home wash then be sure to dry everything thoroughly, and include a couple of tennis balls in the dryer with them to ensure the fillers are plump and well-aired throughout.


Keep it protected

When investing in the right bedding basics, it makes sense to keep them protected. We see mattress / duvet & pillow protectors as a staple for keeping your bed in tip top condition. Whether protecting from accidental spills, bugs or simply daily grime and sweat, a protector offers a barrier for your bedding that can be easily washed and freshened for year-round cleanliness. With spring and summer in mind opt for a natural material protector to keep your bed as breathable and cool as possible.


Choose the right sheets

Spring, and especially summer, are the warmest months so it’s important to choose bed linens that allow your body and bedding to breathe. 100% cotton is breathable and will allow air to flow, avoiding a sticky night’s sleep. My favourite though is Pure French Linen; indulgently soft and gorgeously crumpled, it’s the ideal bedding for a relaxed and inviting bed. Cool to the touch and up to three times more absorbent than it’s cotton cousin it’s a no brainer for staying cool and comfortable when the temperature is on the rise!


Sarah has very kindly helped me to find the perfect bedding to suit both mine and the hubby’s individual needs – which was no easy task I tell you, as we are very different sleepers! My body temperature rises to over 100 degrees as soon as my head hits the pillow (or at least it feels like it does anyway!) while Chris can often be found sleeping in thermal socks, joggers and a sweatshirt – with the hood up…in Summer! He sleeps flat on his back and me only ever on my side, so finding the right products to suit us both was tricky but of course Sarah was able to do so! I’ll be revealing my beautiful new bedding and which products were chosen for both Chris and I in another post very soon.

But for now, I think it might be time for a nap :)


Quick and Easy Home Updates

If you’re anything like me, you’ll always be looking for quick and easy ways to update your home (the cheaper the better of course!) With Easter just around the corner and most of us looking forward to four days off work, I thought now would be the perfect time to share a few ideas on how you can update your home without having to spend too much time or money.

All of these ideas are super quick and super cheap (some won’t even cost you a penny!) so you can spend the Easter weekend how it is meant to be spent…eating chocolate!

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What to do when your styles differ…

I’m forever collecting images and making plans for every corner of our home, quite often I will wake up with an idea and want to get going that very day. I usually try to run my ideas past my husband (it is OUR house after all), but I have been known to get painting when he’s gone out for the day! Sorry hubs!

I’m lucky that most of the time he likes what I suggest/do (phew!) but every now and then, he’ll turn his nose up…Most of the time he can be persuaded, but occasionally he has been known to get his way and I have had to learn the art of compromise. There was the sanded wood floor vs carpet debate for our living room. And then the Smeg versus the much more reasonable but far more boring (in my opinion) built in fridge. Try as I might, I couldn’t persuade him on either of those, but two loses in a house full of wins isn’t too bad I guess.

But what do you do if your styles differ so much that these kind of disagreements are a regular occurrence? One of my lovely readers has found herself in this situation and has asked for my help. So I have been racking my brain to come up with a few tips to help her and anyone else that can relate!

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Shelf Styling


Shelf shuffling is one of my favourite hobbies (it counts as a hobby, right?) I can’t walk past a shelf without moving things around, I’m always fiddling.

I have a few rules that I try to stick to when styling my shelves (not that they keep me from rearranging them every 5 minutes) and I thought I would share them with you today.

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Where to start…

Something I hear so often from friends and family is “I just don’t know what kind of look or styles I like.” I can definitely relate to this. Except for me it’s more that I like every sort of style! One minute I want the all-white, modern, minimalist look and the next I want the busy and colourful bohemian look – how do I choose?!

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Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall

A few of you have asked me to share a few tips on how to create a gallery wall so today, that is exactly what I am doing :)

I wish I could tell you to just to start banging nails into walls and hanging frames and it will all come together…but unfortunately, I haven’t found that to be the case. A good gallery wall takes a bit of planning.

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