Easter Decorations

Image via notonthehighstreet.com

I’ve had my trusty “Easter tree” for years now. When I first put this up everyone thought I was mad…But now, Easter decorations are absolutely everywhere and slowly people are starting to think I’m less mad… :)

With Easter just around the corner I’ve started to think about how I’m going to get the house ready, and what bits I need to add to my collection. Today I’m sharing what I think, are the essential Easter decorations…oh yes there is such a thing as an essential Easter decoration!

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The Home Office

I would love to be able to work from home, if not all the time, then at least 80% of the time please. Who’s with me?

I’m a real “home girl” and by that I mean that I am a girl who never gets bored of being at home, and not in the sense that the teens of today might mean!

Image via Pinterest

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I am just loving the botanical trend that’s everywhere at the moment! I wish, wish, wish I was brave enough to embrace the trend fully with floor to ceiling leafy wallpaper or a floral print sofa! But I’m sorry to say I’m not (even if I was, I think I’d struggle to persuade the hubby on this one!) But when I look at these gorgeous images I am seriously tempted…

Image from Pinterest

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Prints and Pictures

Wall art is one of my favourite things to buy! It’s so easy to change the look of a room just by adding or updating prints and pictures.

The vintage map above the fireplace in my living room was the first thing I bought, and the look of the room really came from this. I chose the grey wall colour to make the map stand out, and added gold accessories throughout the room to match the frame. As soon as I put the map on the wall, the room just seemed to come together.


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Recently I’ve been experimenting a little more with texture, it’s a brilliant way to add interest and depth to your home.

There are many ways in which you can add texture, the first and perhaps most obvious way, is by adding a rug. Santa bought me a beautiful diamond shaggy rug this year which has made such a difference to my living room.


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